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  1. I think the J in JLR should let LR keep making quality SUVs only..rather than another cliché crossover they should continue with the development of powerful sedans. A BMW 3/Audi A4 even S4 rival from the big cat will be highly appreciated and desirable!
  2. These are test mules and they are usually very different from the final product. In the first pictures it looks like only the dynamics and mechanicals are being tested. The latest pics with bumper and grill indicates a move towards a real world production worthy model. Quanto may have bombed out but knowing M&M and keeping their history in mind, they are surely going to throw in everything in this baby. Once the final package arrives I can say with confidence that it will at least have the best features in its class! Bravo Mahindra!
  3. Nice looking baby Skoda. ..the only problem(assuming they get their pricing right) will be the same issues plaguing all Skodas..after sales service! Renault and Nissan have both relatively better service networks and they manage to keep the cost of maintainence down...Polar, I'm sure, will be better engineered but I doubt that it will create a dent on the sales of the ecosport or duster/terrano.