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  1. Apart from the alloys, not much difference externally. The wood finish power window console looks out of place. Maruti should have gone for silver/chrome finish to go with the chrome/silver finish on the dash, steering and ac vents.
  2. It looks good from this angle. The tail lights are similar to the Cruze sedan. The question is, can GM sell enough Cruze station wagons to make it viable in India?
  3. Go for the Cruze. It is stylish, both inside and out, has a powerful diesel and GM has good after sales service record in India. By the way Emily, your surname sounds Spanish..
  4. There is no doubt that Toyota is making huge margins on the Fortuner, since it shares its platform with the Innova. But when compared to the competition, it appears to be priced well. Now that demand exceeds supply, if anything, Toyota can hike prices in 6 months or so.
  5. The design sketch looks good. It seems Nissan has already started appointing dealers. The frugal 1.5 Renault engine is a perfect fit for the Micra, might even be the mileage king in its segment. It will have to go head-on with the Swift. Any attempt to sell it as a premium hatch will spell doom for Nissan's first serious attempt at a mass produced car in India.
  6. The Indian market is influenced by customer perception to some extent. For example, many would still prefer a slightly outdated sedan to a similarly priced premium hatch ,even if having the extra boot space is of no practical use. Customer perception dictates that a sedan is considered more upmarket, which in turn influences his buying decision.
  7. The link doesn't seem to work. Does anybody have the pictures? And is it Manza or Monza?
  8. Well, Ford can bring the Mustang in small numbers to boost its sporty image. We badly need more of these American muscle cars on our roads!
  9. If the Polo is going to be pitted against the Swift, we cannot expect Fabia levels of plastic and interior quality. VW needs a modern sub 1.5 diesel for the Polo. The Fabia diesel is unrefined and under powered. The interior reminds me of previous generation Japanese cars, but if its well put together and priced at Swift levels, it should do well.
  10. True, the Figo is based on the present Indian Fiesta platform. The latest European Fiesta if and when introduced will be more expensive and might slot into the i20/Fabia category. What Ford need right now is a car that can do good numbers. For that they need a car in the swift/vista segment. The Figo fits that bill.
  11. Firing Briatore and Symonds and also admitting their guilt, got Renault off the hook with just a suspended ban. Wise move by Renault then, as they escaped from an embarrassing investigation and a huge fine.
  12. Finally, the wraps are off the Ford small car. Nice funky name to go with the cute front end. The Figo will be the driver's car in its segment, no doubt. The three things that are foremost on my mind is the final pricing, build quality and after sales service.
  13. comparing i-vtec to a quadrajet diesel is like comparing chalk and cheese. The characteristics of a petrol are totally different from a diesel engine. So, it does not make sense to compare the power and fuel efficiency of the two cars/engines. Ideally, you should be comparing the honda city with the Fiesta, Verna, SX4 petrol models and the Jazz with the petrol i20, Fabia, Fusion and so on.
  14. It looks swell! Seems like a good all-rounder in the segment and the best diesel by far. The ash blue colour does not do it justice though.
  15. Go for the Spark. The A-Star has a high set dash and ac vents, which can be a disadvantage for shorter people. If its a tall boy you are looking for, look no further than the Santro.