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  1. Hello, Well - if you doubt that the key was stolen and not misplaced and you have not changed the lock of the car So - my friend - your car is very much in vulnerable condition and can be stolen anytime - at your residence compound or at office Ideally, You should get all locks changed. This is the best and most secure option. Though - will cost money around Rs. 3000, but you can have safe peace of mind.
  2. The source is mentioned wrongly too. As a good community practice, either original views should be mentioned or if someone referring the article, due credit to source should be given. Mod Note: Bumping up a year old thread without anything constructive to add is not a good Community practice.
  3. Nissan Terrano seems stealing the looks not from Duster but from its big SUV - Pathfinder The front facia and rear looks are similar to Pathfinder SUV
  4. Is it worth to spend 25 Lakh on a car which just give power of 107 BHP in Diesel - even less that what Verna Diesel gives Only because of name & 7 speed Automatic transmission Does not appeal much, except for those who stand to owe brand name of Mercedes Benz
  5. Why is Nissan copying the structure, Sunny is good car. The company should differentiate by carrying more macho looks to Sunny
  6. Neither Vento, nor Rapid are part of Entry Sedan Cars The choices are - Amaze, Etios, Dzire, Indigo Ecs, Manza too with pricing I feel Tata Manza is the best pick with its diesel engine available at much lower price these days
  7. Excellent car, but 2015 is almost 2 yrs away. When SUV market is a buzz with XUV 500, Duster, Ecosport - Skoda should have bought it much earlier
  8. Its Maruti which is dominating the charts. However, surprised to see Bolero name Does Bolero sell more than Hyundai Eon !! Also, the gap between Innova and Amaze is much thin, means Innova still has huge charm amongst all Utility cars