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  1. Hey @goenkakushal, thanks a lot for your suggestion. I have a Silver Swift and they offered me a steam wash and exterior detailing service with wax and polish. And yes I did get a discount, they offered me both the services for combo for around Rs.500 cheaper. I am very happy. Recommending to all my friends!
  2. I am a fan of Meguiar's. They have some amazing products and the quality is simply out of the world. For new cars, you can go ahead with quick wax, liquid was and my personal favourite the ultimate wax - works like magic for my car at least.
  3. I can relate to what you're saying. Recently purchased a used car from a friend, faced the same issue. Then I got to know about this place at Andheri-Kurla road called Motoshines. They are brilliant with what they do. You should go for an interior detailing service. They clean it really amazing machinery and techniques, makes it look as great as new. Won't have to visit for a year after that, trust me. Try their website (www.motoshines.com) for starters. Totally worth it and not too expensive. Hope it helps!
  4. Actually I did go to MOTOSHINES at andheri-kurla road, as suggested by a forum member. My experience was brilliant. They have some great services like the ones I got. Specially their steam wash and ozone service is to die for. If you want affordable car care, motoshines is the place for you guys. I believe they have a website too - www.motoshines.com
  5. Hi guys, I recently bought a second hand car and just wondering where can I get good car care services in mumbai. i'm mainly looking for car wash, cleaning, things like that.