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  1. Rear seat belt is a problem and is highly un comfortable. Yes the issue has been taken on priority as yesterday I received 5 calls from ford chennai. The hand brakes does not work properly as our parking at office building which is in basement so while entering there is a good slope and if you stop the vehicle on that slope and try to apply hand brakes the car will not stop so i hve to use pedal brake as well. Today as there was rush so I had to reverse the car so inspite of hand brakes fully applied the car was moving ahead and i had to tell my office boy to put some thing on the front tyres so that car does not move forward and then I was able to reverse the car. Otherwise car would have hit the rear of the front car.
  2. Yesterday I took my car for first service and the total charges I paid was Rs.680 for engine oil, Rs116 for engine filter and Rs.59 for plug oil drain.
  3. I have mentioned about Hand Brake is just to check the effectiveness of same not while driving. I very well know that Hand brake has no relation with braking. When I was driving on the slope and had to stop the car and pulled the hand brake fully but the car was still moving. My point was here to check your hand brakes whether they are effective on the slope or elevated roads.
  4. Try parking the FIGO on the slope or on elevated road and pull the hand brakes fully and then see the car will not stop. Thats why the breaking downhill will never be good.
  5. Last week's lame business page flapdoodle focuses on a GM memo instructing the company's employees, dealers, and salesmen to use Chevrolet rather than Chevy. Fighting the headwinds of deflation, GM is making hard branding decisions (like dropping Pontiac) to rebuild comprehension and trust in American and overseas consumers. Asking its employees and dealers to use consistent and slightly more respectful language to refer to the brand makes sense. The memo doesn't suggest in any way that GM hopes to convert consumer usage from Chevy to Chevrolet. Being smarter than a turnip, GM managers know it's impossible to replace a brief, handy word with a longer one in everyday usage. But as headwinds cut newspaper and magazine revenues, seasoned business page reporters have been replaced by cut-and-paste turnips who think "cute" is journalistic acuity. Sic transit gloria mundi. Source: Namelab
  6. Sad to hear about the scratches on your car. If the scratches are not deep enough and there is no need to worry. You can get the rubbing done and if they are not visible then not to worry. In the market there are lot of scratch removers are available and they work very well.
  7. Nice pictures I am also in direct touch with Ford but till date they have not even replied to the three mails which I sent to them. Today I again went to the dealer Harpreet Ford, Moti Nagar and they again did the wheel allignment. Went to the dealer at 9 AM and reached office at 12.52 PM. The work has still not been carried out to my satisfaction. What the hell these Ford dealers are doing. I now I think that Ford is also not listening by not replying to my mails. Even I have shot off the mail to the president of Ford? But no reply from him also.
  8. The engine bay is to much dirty. Was the car kept by dealer for a long? Did they not clean it when you got the delivery.
  9. Every car has different PSI concept. Ford FIGO booklet says unladen 30 PSI on all four tires and fully laden 40 in front and 46 in rear tyres. But when driving on highway the rear tyres should have more PSI
  10. mine is Good Year. I saw one figo at the dearlership workshop who was having problem with the tyre pressure. They changed the tyres also but soon after filling the pressure used to come down to 18 PSI. I think some
  11. i am maitaining 30 PSI wen I drive alone. And when fully laden its should be 40 PSI front and 46 PSI back
  12. Renault will be ready by early 2011 for the dealers to start working
  13. Tank full is the only right way to calculate the FE
  14. good pictures. I went to dealership for the concern today and just came back. For left pulling they did the allignment but still the problem is there.
  15. you go to image shack and when you click on browse then below that is the option re size click on that and then the various codes will appear and select that particular option for forum codes (cut and paste on the thread.
  16. My thread has been lost in this forum. I was the first one to buy FIGO in the month of March. I would have to post it again now. @Rahul select the link from the image shack the first one for the forum codes and then you will get the picture displayed. Someone hit the car when it was parked at my home. Dent is very small so no worry will continue like this and may be I will get the bumper painted again as there are small spots. As luck would have it no major damage. Headlight is also intact, just a small scratch on it.
  17. Recently there was an advertisement in various newspapers for appointment of Renault dealers all over the country. I happen to contact them and they are now coming directly by 2011. Will this change bring any fortune for RENAULT in India.
  18. I think this is not the mild hit. My figo was hit while it was parked and it was hit too hard by another car (the culprit car sped away) but the bumper is at his place (just a very litte paint has peeled off like spots) and there is a small dent on the bonnet. I am unable to locate my own thread of FIGO . Since yesterday searched everywhere and its not found. anuprav2010-06-02 06:34:42
  19. Congrats for your chevy beat. Do post experience
  20. I am getting FE 10 KPL that too on highway. Mine is 1.2 Petrol Titanium white color. I also took from harpreet ford, moti nagar.
  21. use the option for Image Resize and select 640 x 480 option and then post the pictures anuprav2010-06-01 07:34:07
  22. Congrats and welcome to the FIGO owners. Hey how much you have driven the car and any problem you are facing. From which dealer you purchased (Harpreet Ford) or other one.
  23. Congrats and another FIGO fan in the forum. Welcome and share some experience with us