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  1. yess thts true that it depends on the indivisual idea of wat one wants in a car. one may prefer stylish interriors or good pick up or external looks and dont care for space or ride quality.. then it does nt matter what price of the car is.. but most of people see the value for money they put in..then the overall car features come into the thought. just like i analysed overall which car is better for that price.. anyway it realy does nt matter which car is better when you personally like a car.. as far im concerned im just following value for money.. which in this case uva is better.. i saw some1 mentioned here uva is noisy.. but as far as i know uva is known for its silence in the cabin..
  2. i know comparing i10 and uva is not right thing as both belong to different segment... what i did was which car between the two is worth for that price of around 4.5lacks.. i compared the 2 cars based on the same price.. i10 magna and aveo uva base model.... indivisually if i10 compared to cars like santro estilo and wagon r no dout i10 is superior.. i dont wana defame i10 but im just saying, which wud be a better choice for buyers at same price..
  3. ya only tht is da difference.. chevy is not well known... maruthi n hyundai hav large network and most of the buyers prefer the service over tha car quality and ride. and if any1 likes a car particalrly like only its good looks or interiors then no toher car wud look good to him... i considered over all car details and value for money not just power n pick up of i10 or its console mounted gear shift.. i prefered ride quality and luxory over style.. .. i10 is better santro estilo wagon r etc but costlier. 4.65 laks for 1.1 cc engine. uva 15k less wid bigger engine n bigger cabin wid better ride quality.. so preferrred it. but ultimately i think it al depens indivisually.. cant generalise. some like hyundai comapany some like maruti and so they tend to liek the cars of those companies.. i hate chevy for its poor netwrok services.. but car... uva !!! exellent.. if it was hyundais or marutis uva.. then it wud hav been a huge hit.. poor chevy...
  4. hi readers.. today i test drove i10 along wid aveo uva.. i drove uva for 30 mins n i10 for 15 mins approx... first indivisually i10 is very good.. exellent pick up interiors r like deluxe.. gear knob n shift is cool.. but compared to testdriving of uva........ engine is very noisy [uva almost no sound] in da cabin ride quality is not better than uva.. initial pickup far better than uva ac-both r same more or less. space- undoutedly uva... very spacious but i10 also better than its competetors in its segemnt suspension- i found uva better. may be becoz uva had larger ground clearance cost- i10 magna- 4.53 laks +mp3 n other acc.. = 4.65 aveo uva-base model 4.52-insurance[free] +power windows kit[12k]=4.52 again.. and the dealer said free mp3 player sun film n footmatting and central locking wid remote all free.. so i decided tht better to go for sum bigger vehicle wid bigger engine with lesser cost.. so uva im gettin it