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  1. Hi Thanks for the updates on Jazz. Iam keenly waiting for the launch. new pics shows blinkers on the fenders. Alloys seems to be on the top variants but no Fog lamps and no electric folding ORVMs. Thanks....!! Aman
  2. Superb Design. Would like to see some goodies from City in the Jazz. Cruize controls, Rear view camera, touch controls......... International Fit (Jazz) is also equipped with DRLs. It would be a challenge for Honda to provide the goodies and also to keep the cost of this hatch in check. Eagerly waiting for this car to launch. Likely to be launched in Q4 of this FY.Somewhere read that its production is going to start in July. Aman Ritz..........
  3. Maruti recommends engine oil grade of 5W30 for its K series engines. Please don't change the grade. Follow the user/ instruction manual. Happy n safe driving.
  4. Sir, what are these lane change indicators in the new swift? Regards Aman
  5. If u combine the same figures for Ritz and Swift, it will be more. Both are sharing the same platform. i am a Ritz owner and just like you decided upon it after its launch in one of the Auto Shows. Prefered Ritz over Swift due to K-Series, more space, distinct styling, road presence and focussed as a family car. Now even swift is having a 1.2 L K-series heart from the Ritz. Happy motoring ..enjoy ur drive and share your experience. Aman
  6. whats the difference between a co-axial n component spkrs ? Aman
  7. Singh Ji...... check out the statistics.. Swift sellls more in white only..... Aman
  8. What is the difference betwen a componet and coaxial spkr ? is it required to put only a component spkr at the front ? Plz. help. i have put 190W SONY spkrs on all the doors of my Ritz with a SONY HU, but the sound isn't so good. Aman
  9. Is hyundai continue to sell its 1.2 Kappa along with the new Kappa 2? The variant list of i10 is having an engine option of 1.2 kappa as well. Aman
  10. hey congrats on ur new machine. jus wanted to know where u have put the speakers ? Parcel tray or door? Aman
  11. This is the review on the new and refreshed i10 Kappa 2 engine on the Autocar website: Take the i10 out on the highways and you will experience its eager nature. The engine likes to be revved up, though it doesn
  12. Hi.... there is already a forun on Ritz where u will find all in detail. i am a proud owner of Ritz Vxi in Pearl Blue Blaze. i can tell u that its a gem of an engine in 1200 cc category. Smooth, silent, powerful and of course fuel efficient also. its a perfect choice. Aman
  13. i m now a proud owner of Ritz Vxi. its engine is simply superb, so quiet, so smooth. you might have got a specific problem with ur car. it really gets an appreciation everytime my friendz accompany me to my office in my new Ritz. it makes me feel proud. I am really happy with my final selection on choosing between i10 & Ritz. very shortly i will give a detailed review on the car which might help someone who is looking for this new hot hatch. Happy Motoring.
  14. Singh Ji many thanx for the detailed and stepwise procedure. Aman