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  1. @@PREDATOR, this last picture seems to be an older one. the rotary knobs in the center console are not per per current version or the pictures you have pasted below.
  2. @@PREDATOR nice pics! IMO, the black center console looks better than the silver. are you suggesting that 1.6 will be coming only in AUTO? nothong against AUTO, but i am looking forward to a manual
  3. +1 to that. i have been waiting for the 1.6. if it looks like fiat does not plan to launch that, i will most probably settle for something else.
  4. (assuming 1.6 is being introduced,) i see no reason why 1.3/1.4 would be discontinued. they can each be priced accordingly.
  5. can you please post the pictures? which pictures are you referring to btw? are these spy pics? would the 1.6 look any different from the 1.3/1.4?