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  1. 9 Supercars from 1 single car collectionLamborghini Aventador SV RoadsterLamborghini Aventador SLamborghini HuracanLamborghini Huracan PerformantePorsche Turbo 997Porsche Turbo S 991Porsche Boxster S (Manual)Porsche GT3 Mercedes AMG GTR and many more to come this year.
  2. Lamborghini Bengaluru recently organised a Bullrun , the turn out was simply stunning from the gallardos to the SV Roadster ! The drive was from the showroom to Sira (After Tumkur) . I was in India's 1st Aventador S and here is a video of the drive ??
  3. India's 1st Aventador S delivered in Bangalore
  4. India's only Aventador SV Roadster get limited edition (1 of 30) Valentino Balboni Exhaust
  5. No this is not a museum but a private collection in Chennai .Belongs to the founder of Madras Exotic Car Club.He has taken his love for cars to a whole new level by building a living space around the cars he loves most . He has also collected rare amalgam scale models and F1 memorabilia like the front nose and rear wing from Barrichello's Ferrari F1 car and the F1 exhaust from Schumacher's car . This place is truly heaven . I will let my pictures do the talking