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  1. its absolutely correct. if u notice, in the last pic (which is focussed on auto transmission ) , u can see d pedal on the left hand side which obviously makes it a left hand drive.
  2. thank you Predator. Very nice Pics. but Diesel 1.6 + automatic will be a lot of money.
  3. ? common guy these are not mind blowing figures' date=' these figures have become quite usual these days. you honda city and hyundai verna too delivers the same figures. One of the guy on Team bhp has reported about his diesel verna figures of 26 on highway!!! and as far as trust is concerned, you are suppose to trust the full panel of highly experienced and well know people's words rather thn a annonymous person who might be inflating the actual figures just to prove his choice right!!! ? so do you mean that only that brands owners can comment over particuler car!!! if yes, then i should suggest ACI to create different segments for different car companies!! ? its not necessary to eat away all the food to check the wheather it is cooked or not, a sample testing is more than enough to prove it. when i say non Fiat owners perception that does not mean that only Fiat owners can comment. the comment meant that most of the people who are non-Fiat owners still think that Fiat cars FE is worse. however, it isn't. you are urself saying the Linea's FE figures are same as Verna and Honda City, so these are figures are good enough for a car of this size and weight.
  4. well brother its gonna be Diesel . thats wht d Fiat guys told me. although there should also be an upgrade of petrol as per 'Autocar' but the Fiat guys didnt know much about it.
  5. talked to Fiat on their toll free no. they confirmed that the 1.6 is coming. and its coming this year only, though they didn't confirm the month. and i very much agree with nim12esh, u gotta trust Linea petrol owners than any1 else. i am sick and tired of non-fiat owners perception on Fiat cars fuel efficiency.
  6. if its true and Fiat is going to launch its upgrade in Sep. i'll probably be one of the first one to own it. its call center is closed now but will call tomorrow to know if there is an upgrade coming ( though i seriously doubt that they are going to release any of there upgrade plans on phone. )