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  1. Hate to be the pessimist here, but here are my humble opinion(S)... 1) The Fortuner being based on the global IMV platform stands just a shade apart from the Innova in terms of chassis & suspension, mechanically speaking. Although the wait has been long, doesn't the 20L price tag bother people? The car sells for about 11 lakhs INR in Bangkok, the price for the fully loaded 3.0G diesel 4*4. The Indian version is not even a CKD (although the powertrain & few other mechanicals are imported), & yet it is twice the price of the Thai version..! Almost 4 lakhs pricier than the 2.7V available in KL Malaysia as well, which people are shunning for being W-A-Y overpriced. 2) This would be nitpicking, but- drums at the rear? C'mon. For a 20L car, we'd expect discs. Sure, people may argue with the other options available, Endy & Pajero, but the Endy was always an overpriced Ranger truck, & the 20 year old Pajero at least has a drum-in-disc rear setup. It all boils down to effectiveness, but look at the kit for the it VFM? 15 Lakhs on-road, & Toyota would've had another loyalist. But this....the Indian market has a long way to go yet....perhaps a 2012 Scorpio or Safari priced at 13 lacs would take the fight to the Fortuner...