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  1. The taillight of Compact sedan looks somewhat similar to Zest. All in all a good looking entry level sedan. For the hatchback, it will be interesting to see where they position it. anything above current Figo would take them into fierce competition zone.
  2. Congratulations on your new Aria. Just wanted to know how easy is it to drive / maneuver in city traffics . I know it is a very good vehicle for highway / long drives
  3. The above spy pic is of Kia Sportage and not Tata Nexon
  4. I see it affecting Vento, Rapid, Sunny, Linea more rather than City and Verna. Should easily sell around 2 to 3000 cars per month if priced well. It should undercut City and Verna in terms of price otherwise it will struggle, as even though it looks good, that wow factor has been toned down to an extent which was there in the concept.
  5. Why would Fleet owners opt for Troubled cars and stressful after sales service ? Afterall they also are putting in their hard earned money. Probably this perception will change with newer cars from Tata Motors. The thing is you need to actually see the car in person and you will be surprised at the level / quality of fits and finish (if you compare it with any previous Tata Car). One can definitely say that it is at par with some of the Cars in this segment (I would even dare to say interiors are better than Amaze), In fact going against the popular belief some people have gone ahead and pre-booked the Zest even before the price was declared. This time around Tatas had put Zest in many popular malls across country for display and TD. i did take a test drive of the petrol version, and was truly impressed. Whether it will sell x nos of y nos is a different aspect, but this car is definitely aspirational and truly value for money for the equipment list loaded in the car.
  6. Finally Lodgy can be seen in India. Now Renault as a brand has built up some credibility with Duster in India, this is the right time to come up with other good products. Lodgy is a decent MPV, provided they price it competitively.
  7. Exactly, Innova is more into commercial segment, not sure how much into Govt, but definitely in Tours and Travels across country, with complete dominance in South. Mobilio will definitely attract personal buyers with large family. The question is will it really expand the market or takeaway share of Ertiga from one side and some share of innova from the other side. The other thing that works in favour of Innova is resale value, due to its long term reliability. I am sure Honda will also provide good build quality in Mobilio. Ride and handling is another aspect in which it needs to be atleast at par with Innova. As far as price is concerned, Honda is expected to price it competitively. So if these two or three aspects are taken care of then the over priced Innova will definitely feel lot of heat.
  8. To be honest Celerio is not doing crazy nos. The Apr-june average sale this year is about 5,500 cars per month !! Whether it is a supply side issue or whateverBeating 5000 nos per month should be possible for a good product in that segment. Kite is supposed to be a completely new top hat rather than being just a facelift of Indica, and atleast we get that feeling from these initial pictures. But it is too early to say whether it is good / bad / ugly, will compete or not with the likes of Celerio. Perception is something which we need to keep aside while we are looking at next generation vehicles from Tata Motors
  9. Not in June. Both Bolt and Zest are expected to be launched not before August.
  10. the changes are very subtle and minimal at the best. would be interesting to see if they are looking to fit AMT in to the Swift / Dzire siblings as well.
  11. The looks of XUV has had divided opinions, but the fact is that it did look very stylish when it first came and that attracted many buyers. Its a different story that more you look at it, the more you get a feeling of an over-styled vehicle. This special edition though not very classy but certainly better than some of the special editions of MSIL. But as they say you should not try to fix something which isn't broken !!
  12. Bolt in red colour looks a red hot beauty. I love the stance of the car. Interior quality looks top notch. I can even go to the extent of saying at par with Hyundia cars. Now it will be interesting wait to see the drive and feel of revotron engine and AMT with the tried and tested Fiat diesel engine. Currently the main thing hurting Tata Motors more than anything else is perception. It now appears that it will change with these two new products. We can always trust the structural strength of Tata Cars, it is the after sales service which now has to improve
  13. I could not see any mention of Tyres !!! Not sure whether they will use any Bullet resistant runflat system. Ideally such armouring should come factory fitted with the vehicle, as the weight of the vehicle increases substantially. It is a complex job and would require testing, so wonder how would they assess the existing vehicle whether it can be armoured with this kit. How would the vehicle perform with substantial increase in weight . Generally on a vehicle of Scorpio's size, the additional weight of the Bulletproof kit would be somewhere in excess of 400 -500 KGs (very basic level of protection). Also the price for the kit charged is a bit low to be honest. Considering all this aspects i would imagine this is just a very very basic level of Bulletproofing
  14. Jazz with diesel engine is a car to watch out for. I am sure Swift will face stiff competition if they are able to price it right this time. The first generation Jazz was a superb hatchback except its price and not so good fuel efficiency. Honda is really the manufacturer to watch out for in next year or two. Of course no one can move Maruti out of the leadership position in the near future, but they would definitely face the heat.
  15. Awesome start to the Expo. Must say pleasantly surprised with both Bolt and especially Zest. Both look classy and sporty. The equipment levels are good. AMT is icing on cake. Really liked the side profile of Zest. To be honest i had an impression it will be same Vista with changed grill. But the lines on bonnet, DRLs give it a character. Way to go Tata. Now the Service (pre and post sales) is something which will make or break these otherwise excellent cars.
  16. Ford has again increase price of Ecosport by about 35 to 40000 across range. This is a big hike and must be very irritating for the waiting buyers. as the total hike at the ex showroom level is about 60 to 75000 since launch. the ex showroom delhi comparison of launch price and current price is given below Fuel Type Variant Launch Price Current price Diff. Petrol 1.5 Ambiente 5.59 6.20 0.61 Petrol 1.5 Trend 6.49 7.15 0.66 Petrol 1.5 Titanium 7.51 8.11 0.60 Petrol 1.5 Titanium AT 8.45 9.04 0.59 Petrol 1.0 Titanium (EcoBoost) 7.89 8.50 0.61 Petrol 1.0 Titanium (O) (EcoBoost) 8.29 9.04 0.75 Diesel Ambiente 6.69 7.39 0.70 Diesel Trend 7.61 8.26 0.65 Diesel Titanium 8.62 9.22 0.60 Diesel Titanium (O) 8.99 9.75 0.76
  17. Etios Liva cross looks bad - sorry to say. Even the Brio cross rendering above (i hope this is just illustrative render and will not look alike this) is not appealing. In a country like ours where people are so much value seekers in most of their purchases, these cross versions of hatchbacks does not offer much additional value or excitement.
  18. Power Steering is a welcome addition. Now probably the only thing which is desired is Openable Tailgate. Most of the other things, Tatas have worked upon and improved / added. Things like bigger petrol engine or even diesel engine are not required in my personal opinion. the current petrol engine is very peppy and diesel would not make that much difference now with the fuel price gap closing in. The additional cost on diesel is not really justified on a vehicle like Nano, which is primarily a city car and occasional highway drives. Petrol still makes sense. May be an AMT or Semi automatic transmission (not very costly) would give that much more practicality to female drivers especially for their daily commutes in city.
  19. Santro is still selling in decent nos (3500 to 4000). So it is very unlikely that Hyundai will drop this one anytime soon. Plus i am sure it must have recovered the cost of dies and other investments in the product. Add to that - it is selling without any Above The Line ads or branding activities. So all in all it is making handsome profits for Hyundai, and they would like to rip the benefit as long as possible. I see a lot of Black and Yellow Santro Taxis in Mumbai nowadays, so I believe it is doing well in other similar Taxi markets as well. The Kia car (so called proposed Santro replacement) looks dated and boring then even the 15 yrs old Santro !!
  20. Very nice thread. This gives a better insight into the build quality of different cars
  21. It is a know fact that Nano could not do anywhere close to its targeted sales, but it is definitely not poor or cheap quality plastic and high maintenance car. Yes there can be no comparison of service at dealership between Maruti and Tata (though things have improved a bit in last year or so). But if you separate out all other badges from Nano, it really is fantastic city car as well as comfortable on long drives as well. You really have to drive it to erase the perception that it is not a proper car. In fact from some of the Tata Cars i have driven, Nano appears to be best in terms of overall build quality. The only two downside which i personally felt are Power steering - which is coming now, and Openable tailgate - not sure when it will come but have been hearing about it for a while
  22. Absolutely. The categories like best variant of the year are just hilarious. There should be only key awards like Car of the Year, Bike of the year, Manufacturer of the year and may be one award for Design and innovations.
  23. Would surely look better than Dzire, but Amaze also looks decent. Since Entry level sedans is the only segment that has grown substantially this year, would be interesting to see if Hyundai can expand the segment further or it will eat into Dzire and Amaze nos. I am sure Hyundai will price it very competitively (Petrol may start from 5 lacs and Diesel from 6 lacs). Hyundai can easily add 6 to 7000 nos monthly to their total with this model.
  24. These are probably spy shots of comprehensive face-lift of Scorpio. Somehow get the feeling that this will be more subtle in terms of styling then the current aggressive looking Scorpio. May be they could have tried to increase the wheel base thereby allocating more space to all the three cramped rows. I am sure they are working on suspension, to fine tune it for better ride quality. .