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  1. Maruti A Star and SX4 replacement would be other interesting launches. I feel Datsun would be impacted to an extent due to limitation of Nissan' s dealer network. Realistically dont expect them to be a threat straightaway to Maruti or Hyundai. Honda has to pitch Jazz directly against i 20, if it has to succeed this time around. Honda's limited production capacity till their new plant starts operating would be another issue, as apart from Amaze they will have three more exciting products in their line up,- New City, Jazz and Mobillo. They are not doing enough justice to Brio as well. Mahindra might launch Scorpio facelift in the later part of the year. Apart from that nothing much to talk about. Tata's Falcon 4 and 5 (Vista replacement and Manza CS) would be launched / unveiled at the Auto Expo. Their success is very critical for Tatas Hyundai has already launched Grand i 10 and its doing well.i 20 facelift / new i 20 is on the cards, may come by end of next year The Jeep brand is likely to be launched this year. Renault Lodgy is another MPV that is likely to hit the Indian market by end of next year Ford Ka / New Figo is going to come to India, but the launch time is not yet decided, probably Ford would first like to clear the chaos around Ecosport deliveries before going ahead with any significant new launches.
  2. This is just an artistic impression, but if the vehicle is going to look anywhere closer to this then the current Scorpio looks much better.
  3. 1.2 L turbo petrol sounds good. If they are able to bring in a refined, responsive and efficient petrol engine than the Falcon would be a lot more to drive. They would atleast be able to compete to a certain extent against the likes of Swift, I 20 petrol. The diesel engine is already a proven one. As far as design is concerned, i feel it would be definitely a refreshing evolution, if not a completely new design theme, which is likely to come up with their next generation of vehicles. All in all steps in the right direction, Atleast i can see the urge to bring in new products / projects on time, which was completely missing earlier. With the leadership change, the company is going through a phase of transformation, which was what required to stay in this highly competitive industry. Till such time their new products come in, they will have to face the challenging situation of low volumes, market share and profitability, which they are capable of doing with the help of JLR and its huge profits.
  4. o be honest, XUV has already received lot of accolades for the overall package (styling, equipment etc) and not that under valued. Niggling issues have dented its image to some extent. Still there is no direct competition to XUV in the 11 to 15 lac segment, so it is selling reasonably well. While looks are subjective, for some people it is over-styled and does not give that feeling of a premium product. There are other competent products in that price bracket like Aria, Skoda Yeti (a little higher), but are not selling for various reasons. I am not too sure if increase in price was the only factor behind slow down in XUV sale. There were price hikes on Scorpio and Bolero as well, but there nos are steady and rock solid as ever. My point is XUV has not been able to create that strong niche for itself to keep selling consistently month after month like Scorpio, Bolero. One good competition vehicle, and it will start feeling the heat. So XUV might be the most matured product from M&M, but it still has some way to go before it can be called the best or class apart. As far as equipment is concerned, generally for Indians it works this way 'Less electronics/features - Less problems'. Additional features do give a nice feeling, but when they dont work properly it creates more irritation. So the way to go really is world class Quality and after sales for all the Indian manufacturer.
  5. Absolutely. I still believe there cars / SUVs are aspirational but sheer lack of focus has taken them nowhere in Indian market.
  6. I wonder how they will be able to price the SX4 Crossover or CUV competitively if they are going to fit in 1.6 multijet engine imported from Fiat
  7. Bumper and Tailgate is camouflaged means its a refresh - may be MY 14 model. Cant really say if the hatch is openable. Also Nano with power steering and bigger petrol engine is on the cards, so it might be getting tested for either of these things.
  8. The built quality looks better as well in the pics, will have to see in real though. Any idea if this would also have diesel engine?
  9. Micra Active starts at 3.5 lacs, so wonder how much lower price tag would they be able to manage !! Ideally this would be pitched right against Eon or Alto 800 territory of around 2.5 to 4.0 lacs. Regarding 6 seats, Since the front seat is a bench, the space between driver and co-driver seat is for keeping hand bags and other small stuff as per Nissan. I doubt if any adult would be able to sit in between, at the most a small kid can, but it would interfere with smooth gear box operations plus it would be unsafe. So practically it is not a 6 seater, but in a country like ours some people would still incline to use it as a 6 seater.
  10. This is so heavily camouflaged !! Movement of instrument cluster on driver side is a logical move finally. The current interiors in Vista are decent ones (if not very sporty). They might carry over them with minor changes. I wonder if there are any mechanical changes as well, since many test mules are going around. Of course one of the reason would be testing the new head light and tail light clusters. Now in the wish list is Diesel Automatic / semi automatic gearbox on Vista.
  11. Oh yes they can definitely take cues from Fiat designs, arguably one of the most elegant ones. Slightly off-topic, sometimes i just wonder what would have been the case for Punto and Linea if Maruti or Hyundai would have been selling them instead of Fiat !!
  12. They have JV only for manufacturing and engine sharing. Product sharing is not part of it, so probably can not borrow or copy the looks of Punto
  13. Slowly but surely moves in the right direction for Tata Motors. Slimmer headlights would look good on Vista. We can hope that with this comprehensive upgrade the Vista would get its due, which currently is a very under-rated car in Indian market. The current quadrajet and saffire engines are very good performance wise and i believe Tata Motors will continue with the same.
  14. Terrano may not have got overwhelming response like say Ecosport or XUV or Duster for that matter, but if Nissan can stay with the current pricing for a longer duration of say 6- 8 months (and assuming that Ecosport will further increase prices during this time) plus their dealer can service the walk-ins properly then it might just be able to build up good average monthly volume of about 3500 - 4000, which in my opinion would be good.
  15. 6000 bookings is a very decent no to start with for a Nissan product here. Next 2 -3 months would be interesting as to whether it cannibalizes Duster's sale or takeaway some cancellations from Ecosport.
  16. So the Toyota Rush is again in news for India launch, just like Avanza. If i am not wrong currently it is available only in Petrol version. It is very unlikely that Toyota will try something in India without diesel on offer. So 2014 launch looks optimistic at the moment. Here we have manufacturer like Tata Motors and M&M who are trying hard to develop new vehicles, while on the other hand we have players like Toyota who have an array of vehicles which are more or less suited for Indian markets, yet indecisive. They could have launched Avanza / Rush (Terios) in India good 4 -5 years back if they wanted. Again going by the historical approach of Toyota, I have a feeling neither Rush / Avanza is coming to India in 2014.
  17. Yes it should be approx 1.5 lac below W6. There is difference of about 1.5 Lacs between W6 and W8 as well and the 4WD is 1 lac plus on W8. Most probably they will offer 2WD only on W4, because the cost of 4x4 would be approximately 1 lac above the 4x2. .
  18. That is really striped down !!! Anyways not a bad move. They will price it competitively now. This will help to keep a low starting price to get the customer in the showroom, then he might just end up spending that extra bit and go for W6, for those who are mainly lured by the exterior looks of the XUV will go for W4. We have seen in Indian market that going up the value chain has not always yielded desired results for cars. At the same time there are very few cars which have actually benefited from going down the value chain. The only success story i could remember is Versa/Eeco. But that was a different case as Versa was failure and Eeco reversed it. Here XUV has seen the highs but now on a stagnant phase. From here on decline is possible with new product launches. While M&M must be aiming at high growth with the new variant, but it might just delay the decline.
  19. Was wondering who will be their target customers (in India) ? An Ertiga customer would surely not go for this. An Eeco customer might want to upgrade. It is more likely to be offered in petrol or LPG/CNG version. Diesel would take the cost higher. Looks apart, would be a practical car in India. I still would like to beilieve that it would not be a runaway success like Ertiga. Since it is a compromise in terms of comfort, then why not go for Eeco.
  20. Rumour is that the new look will be offered only on GX, VX and Z variants. The other two base models will continue to be offered with current look.
  21. Good price as expected. now it is imperative for them to bring new Linea as soon as possible, otherwise it will dilute whatever brand value linea has in India.
  22. The rear door looks of some other vehicle fitted on the test vehicle. I get the feeling whatever significant changes they will make to the exterior body panels will be restricted to front only.
  23. The back profile isn't looking that interesting. Appears to be average in terms of overall looks (my initial feeling) People would really love to see a stunning design for once on a Maruti car. With Grand i 10 diesel coming in , this car will have to fight to create a niche for itself in crowded mid hatchback segment.
  24. This will still sell in India. Honestly, Toyota will keep selling these until and unless there is a real direct competition in the market which can beat Innova all ends up. The Taxi operators even today are ready to pay 7 - 8 lacs for a pre-owned Innova to be added in their stable. The Xylo, Evalia might be cheaper, but Innova still holds that premium image when comes to Taxi market. Basically Innova is riding on two USPs, reliability - touch wood i have met people who have used their Innova for 7 Lac + Kms and still goes to service centre for regular servicing only !!! and second is excellent ride quality - especially on long routes. As far as looks are concerned, it simply just never sold on great looks. Though the buyers would definitely love to have more features being offered for the price they are paying.
  25. All the ingredients to make a successful MPV in India. Looks can be subjective, some might not find it all that pretty. From the interior sketches, the 3rd row legroom looks decent. Both the engines are good. Now they need to provide good AC (2nd/3rd row), all the basic features, and price it competitively (between Ertiga and Innova) and Honda has a winner on hand. I feel this is one vehicle which can compete with Innova, because it will also carry the reliability factor of Honda, which i believe is the main USP of Innova.