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  1. To me looks good from the rear and side profile. This whole cross thing can be good, if they offer a little more as you pointed out. Atleast higher ground clearance (may be higher tuned engine). Plus the price at which their current hatchbacks are selling is already touching upper limit, with limited value additions on these Cross versions, it is hard to convince Indian customers to pay that extra price. If they offer powerful engine, higher GC, and appropriate suspension, then it would definitely find some buyers. Only Plastics / Rubber claddings will not do.
  2. This will further dampen the spirits of Indian Passenger Vehicle market, as this would affect the budget car buyers, which is the largest segment in the industry. Those who were looking to upgrade will further delay their purchases. Its high time some stimulus is given to the industry by the Govt, which seems very unlikely in the current scenario where there are other burning issues for the govt to tackle and Auto industry always receives the last preference
  3. Clearly they want to push Titanium (O) variant. May be they have better margins there. Over a period of time manufacturer do rejig their variants and feature offerings based on market feedback and their own interests, but Ford seems to have started it within 3 months of launch !! Also cancellation charges issue is unclear to me, as i am hearing contrasting information from different people, some are saying cancellation charges applicable and some are saying otherwise.
  4. All said and done, people will still queue up for Ecosport and purchase it. Ford has realised that the life cycle of cars is decreasing fast in India. They want to make the most of the opportunity due to no direct competition, since anyways even after the Ecosport launch the overall volumes of Ford have not gone up significantly (due to declining sale of Figo). I was just comparing Ford Endeavour and Figo price changes, which are 21-27K and 5-7k respectively, as against 23-43K in case of Ecosport
  5. Few more spy shots - courtesy Motorbash http://motorbash.com/spyshots-motorbash-reader-catches-new-scorpio-facelift-mule-in-pune-launch-in-2014/
  6. There is a very fine line now between being VFM and over priced for Ecosport. One more price increase and it will be out of the VFM bracket. I wish Nissan could have priced their Terrano below Duster than it would have been interesting scenario. Compact SUV segment is a very high potential segment currently in India, but i just get the feeling that if the manufacturer keep pricing their vehicles upward, then it will kill the enthusiasm to a certain extent and at the end of the day if the buyers keep aside the SUV looks and think rationally, they might find more value in top end hatchbacks rather than likes of Ecosport.
  7. In short, Ford did not make it public but that was there introductory price, and now they have increased it to their desired level. Fluctuation in currency price is just one of the excuses (though may have impacted to some extent). I am sure they were not sitting on such thin margins that such a volatility would literally force them to increase prices so early !!! There are ways and means to work around it. Nothing wrong with milking the cash cow, but price protection to the pre-bookings was desirable. I remember M&M did it for XUV and Renault for Duster for some pending bookings. One more example comes to my mind is Nano which was price protected for first one lac bookings !! (though that is a separate case / story).
  8. This MPV has a good potential if they price it between Ertiga Diesel and Innova base model. It will eat into volumes of high-end Ertiga as well as some part of Innova (though it mainly sells at mid and top end).
  9. It seems Ford is going Renault way of increasing the price within couple months of launch. Material prices, input costs have gone up - Fair enough, but as an ideal practice, they should start charging new price on fresh bookings, there is no legal binding as such on them for doing so. But I am sure those who are waiting for delivery of their Ecosport would not like this, because they were not at fault for the delay. I was just wondering, having heard of waiting list of 6 - 8 months for some Ecosport variants, if they take couple of more price corrections in due time, how much would that impact the customers !! While one can understand this practice being followed on products already in market for sometime, as they would not have long waiting list, but atleast some consideration should have been given to the customers who have enthusiastically lined up for buying a newly launched product.
  10. XA Alpha will most likely come in 2015 (or may be late 2014 but that is optimistic). Definitely not coming this diwali. In fact the SUV Based on Sx4 (SX4 crossover) might hit the Indian market first if the XA alpha launch delays to 2015. Since XA Alpha, unlike other Suzuki models which Maruti brings in India, was a concept showcased in auto Expo 2012, the concept to production ready vehicle definitely takes time. Also in the above posts I read Maruti doesn't test cars on roads, but ARAI officials come to the factory, but that is testing only for the ARAI certificate, what about the vehicle itself ? It has to undergo lot of tests and validations before even coming to the stage for ARAI test ready car.
  11. Really liked the design of Alloy Wheels, it improves the overall aesthetic appeal of the vehicle. The front looks good too. Would love to see this car doing good, only if Nissan is able to sell it well. May be a little pricey but can takeaway some buyers from the long waiting list of Ecosport. Duster is already seeing a down trend in sales, plus they cant even decrease the prices at this stage as it will have negative impact on the brand. May be they can rejig their variant offerings and price them competitively.
  12. I have a serious doubt if this really is a testing car for a facelift, Because there is only blackening of B, C pillar and side foot-step, no other visible change as such. Does that require testing at all ? They can easily go ahead and start producing. As far as making any sort of changes in interiors is concerned, i doubt if it is justified to spend any sort of money on Grande at this stage !
  13. It seems GM is still struggling to put an end to this Regulatory Compliance nightmare !! Tavera sale in Aug'13 was negative (-3). That means the production of both BSIII and BSIV Tavera has not yet started (or atleast despatches). The Sail Sedan and hatch breakup is as given below Sail UVA - 331 - Petrol 322 & Diesel 9 Sail Sedan - 841 - Petrol 678 & Diesel 163 So the problem with Diesel seems to be continuing, Enjoy and Beat has been saving face for GM in last couple of months.
  14. Tailgate like a hatch seems unlikely, and if they do so it will be cumbersome with the height of Scorpio. The headlights look like (of course dummy) old generation Tata Sumo !! I am sure they are only for testing purpose. Completely changing dashboard is a time consuming process, so it is very unlikely that they will do so if the launch is sometime in mid or end 2014, as it might backfire if the testing and validation is not enough. We can expect some minor tweaks in the centre console. As pointed out by librankur, the electricals and electronics can be problematic, have found so on my cousin's Scorpio. Scorpio from outside and inside gives totally different feel. As soon as you enter the cabin, you somehow dont get that feel good factor, which you get from its macho exteriors. I am not talking about plush interiors or hi-tech features, but may be with my 5.10' height I feel cramped in every seat, whether driver, co-driver, middle row, cant expect much from the last row and i think it is at par with other competition. The current 2.2 ltr engine is very good, has decent power and torque for highway cruising as well as city driving. It is just the bumpy ride that spoils the fun. I have traveled extensively in the middle row of both Scorpio and Safari Dicor, the comfort level in the middle row of Safari is far better and probably unmatched compared to any other SUV / MPV in that price range. The Scorpio platform is a decade old now, and so some inherent problems would remain. May be they should think about a Scorpio replacement on Monocoque platform (XUV's platform with different top hat). Or develop a completely new chassis-ladder platform if they want to make an off-roader. The competition has slowly but surely started coming in India. Currently M&M is enjoying a good run because there are no real direct competitors to Bolero and Scorpio in the market. The going would become tough even if one such vehicle gets launched which would storm the market (like Duster, Ertiga and now Ecosport)
  15. The dimensions look to be similar. There is an evident bulge on the front bonnet. The back door looks caved-in. One thing all the Scorpio lovers would want M&M to improve upon ergonomics in front and middle row. Also the suspension needs to be fine-balanced for a smoother and non-bumpy ride. They basically need to increase comfort level for long journeys. The Gear shift is not as smooth as one would like, . And of course the quality of plastics. Scorpio is very much there, M&M needs to work upon the finer aspects and it could still continue to be there bread and butter, till they bring in completely new products.
  16. Good to See Mahindra in top 5. Also remarkable improvement by Tata Motors. Job cut out for Renault, Nissan and Ford. Hoping for a better year for Fiat in terms of SSI coming year.
  17. Honda currently has limited production capacity, 120000 cars per year. With Amaze they are finding it difficult to match up demand. The sale of Civic and the entire segment had gone down to half. It make only sense for Honda to discontinue this model and concentrate on City, Brio and Amaze. Honda has made it quite clear that even the next gen Civic is not coming to India.
  18. Agree with you, There are not enough takers for Camry at that price. The Camry doesn't look exciting any more.
  19. The rendering above looks out of sink, and more like a PS job. Inconsistent lines at the front end. If you watch closely, the rub-rails and placement of door handle look like that of current Indica, rather than Vista.
  20. Yes they can keep any one model running successfully (relatively) at a time, and the so called Linea classic would have to give way to new Linea. As always a beautiful Fiat car. I am in love with this car even in its current avatar. The only thing that stopped me from buying the current linea was turning circle radius (apart from in-famous Fiat after sales), which is slightly cumbersome in city driving, otherwise looks better than any other sedan in its class. A timeless beauty.
  21. Profit maximising is a tricky subject, i am not sure if VW is trying to do that by not bringing 1.6L engine. Because they dont have too many brands currently in their portfolio, their entire concentration is trying to make each brand sell in decent nos. While Polo is an aspirational car, it is now in the market for sometime and though it doesn't look dated, it is not very fresh either. They are just trying to spice up with offerings like CrossPolo, till such time their other cars like Up, Golf, Taigun / Tiguan hit the Indian market. But seriously CrossPolo has nothing strikingly different in terms of exteriors or performance, more like facelifts of MSIL This definitely doesnot even look like Pseudo SUV. .
  22. I thought atleast Engine is well sorted out in Force One!! From your post it is clear that an immature vehicle is what you have got. I am sure you would have taken up the issue with Force Motors directly as well. Now that you already have spent so much on this vehicle, it makes sense to use it for a little more time before you decide to sell it off, as the resale value would be equally bad i am sure. The best thing to do now would be try and get the vehicle sorted out atleast to manageable level. Fuel efficiency of 10-11 kmpl is subjective though, and not the worst to be honest. Also would be interesting to learn what kind of terrains you usually travel / traveled and how the vehicle performed in bad terrains (if not truly off-roads).
  23. I wonder why camouflaged so much !! from the rear side pics i get a feeling that X-Mas taillight is changing (hope they do so), cant say the same about headlight though. They need more sharper lines in the exteriors. Nothing really wrong with the current Vista except it looks so rounded and clean like a boiled egg. well no offense to the Vista owners, it is a very good car otherwise.
  24. I feel Maruti has reached a stagnancy level in their small car / hatchback segment. Their small car portfolio cant grow beyond a point, now. May be smaller diesel engine could give that extra little push. But for them now it is important to maintain their position in the hatchback segment. For that best policy as they say is cannibalize your own volumes rather than someone else doing it. I am not sure if Stingray is a right answer to that. Somehow all their hatchbacks now lack in aspirational values, except Swift. They need to come out of complacency mode and up their styling quotient May be they should now concentrate on cracking the mid size sedan segment, where Verna is ruling and of course the compact UV segment
  25. Exactly what i also thought, Maruti should have replaced the Old WR with SingRay. If a buyer still goes on to purchase old WagonR over its like to like model in StingRay, it will mean that he is not convinced about the extra price charged for the amount of changes/addition SingRay has to offer. In that case the whole purpose would be defied. If they are expecting StingRay to create a separate segment and garner volumes without cannibalizing existing WagonR (or other models for that matter), then they are over-ambitious.