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  1. It is a very tempting price point, for someone who wants to own an Audi !! I heard they are taking online bookings also, and on the first day 125 bookings were received. Exclusion of DRL is sad though
  2. Even if they are not bringing any NEW models, I am sure they will consider launching the base variant W4. As far as time is concerned, they had taken enough time on the XUV since start of the project. Probably the fastest to markets were Quanto and Vibe. Surely they need a break of couple of years before launching new vehicles, as first they have to make the existing investments count for before looking at new investments. The high cost structure of Automobile business in India is really taking a toll on the manufacturers (especially the Indian). As the product life cycle has reduced drastically. Bolero and Scorpio are luckily there for M&M's advantage, where i believe they would have recovered investments long ago and reaping profits from it. They did not invest much in Quanto and Vibe, while the Xylo platform has Genio pickup also apart from Xylo and Quanto. The real test is for XUV. They will surely be looking at more nos on XUV platform, as it may not last that long in the life cycle as the Bolero, Scorpio. They cant probably go UP on the value chain, then the only option is to go a step down on the value chain and offer a base variant on XUV..
  3. This is a big daddy of SUVs in terms 0f size. I dont think M&M will bring this vehicle in India. For such a vehicle to succeed in India an entirely new segment would have to emerge at that price point. As a personal buyer, people would think twice before buying anything of this size, and for commercial purpose, the cost to benefit ratio would be adverse. I feel there is not enough market for such vehicles in India.
  4. Looks better than Duster. But the big question is whether it will get a similar response in the market. if Duster + Terrano can hold on to 5000 nos per month consistently then both Renault and Nissan should be happy, given the kind of competition Ecosport has provided. is there any performance improvement expected in Terrano ?.
  5. This is a very concerning news. As Alto is the first choice of many first time car buyers in India. Still I am quite sure these ratings would not have any significant or any effect for that matter on the sale of Alto in India, because there is lack of awareness amongst Indian buyers (particularly in that segment) about safety aspect of the Car. While airbags and ABS can be enablers to the safety, it would be of little use if the basic structure of the Car itself is not strong enough. I have nothing against Alto, but never really liked the car and especially the current K10 and 800. Infact had convinced couple of my friends to stretch their budgets and look for WagonR instead of Alto, which is slightly better in terms of built quality if not very good. One or two incidents of Alto involved in accident within my closed group had really shattered my confidence about the vehicle., In one of the cases there was infact a side impact and the resultant condition of the car was horrible to see, not to mention the person sitting inside Again these are purely my personal views based on my experience with the car
  6. Agree with sarabjeet. . Though subjective, as far looks are concerned, the current gen Santa Fe looks good, I mean nothing wrong with the looks. Since Hyundai is already planning a compact SUV, they might continue to keep Santa Fe in a niche segment.
  7. From whatever i understand is that they do have 2.2 ltr Diesel engine on CRV in some of the developed countries, but it seems that engine is not very compatible with diesel fuel quality in India, and would require working on the engine to make it suitable for Indian conditions. Plus they are currently bringing CRV in CKD form in India, so it is not possible for them to bring the cost down substantially in order to sell in good numbers. The current 1.5 ltr engine of Amaze would be underpowered, so thats why Honda is not bringing CRV diesel in India.
  8. As always, a very clean neat styling and solidly built Skoda. If they are going to continue selling the current Laura alongwith the new Octavia, then pricing would be interesting. The Laura sells at around 14.60 to 19.27 lacs ex showroom Delhi. If they go overboard and price the new Octavia variants way above then there will be struggle for the Car. The general perception of the skoda after sales would also not be helpful. I wonder how many cars they plan to sell..May be 300 (Laura + new Octavia) per month.
  9. It is very unlikely that they will launch this vehicle in India, atleast not in next 3 to 4 years. Toyota is at present very happy selling Fortuner in India, and does not intend to increase its portfolio upward.
  10. New / refreshed Honda City with Diesel engine would be a very intersting package. If priced well could storm the market. Going ahead they will have in the volume segment - Brio, New Jazz, Amaze, Brio-based MPV, City in their line up. May be a Compact SUV. They dont seem to be too interested in new Civic for India as also a small car. This will become a very decent lineup. It will be a good balance for Honda brand between a mass market and premium segment (with Accord and CRV).
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    hi librankur Regarding the Daihatsu connection, In indonesia they sell MPV Xenia under their name and rebadged as Avanza under Toyota name. That is highest selling model there. More than 2 lac units per year !!!! i was really amazed when i read about these nos when you compare it against their total industry sale which was less than 8 lac units if you remove LCVs. Of course given the fact that it is predominantly UV market. Similarly their Daihatsu Terios / Toyota Rush also sells in good nos. Avanza could compete well in India just below the innova range. Definitely I am not an Industry expert but somehow i dont understand the wait and watch theory of Toyota in Indian market. I like the way Hyundai has approcahed the Indian market ever since they started operations here. While we can understand that local guys Tatas and Mahindras would find it difficult to bring in new products at shorter intervals, since they have to start from scratch most of the time, but these global players have length and reach in terms of product line up and market that they can bring in tried and tested products in Indian market rather quickly.. I would not be surprised if Tata and M&M from this point loose significant market share in coming year or so with onslaught of new products by foreign players. Unfortunately Ford is also not able to make enough Ecosports to garner significant nos, otherwise it would have been interesting to see what effect the sale of Ecosport would have on Top end hatchbacks, Entry Sedans and SUVs if they were selling something in the range of 12 to 15000 Ecosports a month. Well well have really gone off topic here...
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    Thank you guys. Well I am basically a marketing graduate and into the same field now. As far as driving is concerned, in terms of price of cars, honestly not driven anything above Civic in cars and in UVs Aria (once). We do own Indica DLS and usually take it out on weekends (once in a month) to my native in Navsari (Gujrat) from Mumbai. (230 kms one way). But its always a pleasant feeling to drive in Gujarat as there are good roads even in the small towns and villages (atleast in South Gujarat i have seen) yes i have done a bit of reading and research on UVs in India and abroad. I feel we still dont have a master piece of SUV in the 7/8 to 12/13 lac bracket. In MPVs Innova is a great product, but now looks dated and surely over priced. I wonder why are they not looking to bring some of the Daihatsu products in India (Avanza, Rush).
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    Hello Members, This is UVian. As the id suggests, i have a personal liking for SUVs and MPVs. I do like to learn and research about the Passenger Vehicle industry in various other emerging markets similar to India like Indonesia, Thailand etc. I do feel we, in India, are yet to see best cars. I would love to see more advanced technology in terms of drive and safety coming to Indian cars, as i feel sometimes the biggies (manufacturers) take Indian market for granted. And for god's sake i would love to see the Indian Govt change their sub 4 meter excise norm and make it more logical so that we dont see compromises like Quanto, new Dzire on the roads.
  14. Maruti is not just strong in A and B segment, but leads in entry C segment as well and doing fairly well in the UV segment with Ertiga. They started operations in India in early 80s (1983) and started with Maruti 800, probably India's first mass market product in the Car industry. They have developed one of the best networks in India in terms of sales and service over the years, which really is one of the key. Plus their products have been reliable and that has built confidence in the Indian customers over the years. Reliability, Initial cost, maintenance, availability of service is still of utmost importance for Indian car buyers in sub 8 lacs segment rather than pure passion for design, styling and performance.
  15. Force one is a good vehicle, but it is not as refined as some of the others you have mentioned. And as pointed out above - if you are brave enough to buy Force one, might as well have a look at Aria. It will fit in to your budget and satisfy most of the criterias mentioned by you. XUV is also good but as you said space is important for you, Aria is not a bad choice. You will have to compromise slightly on the third row space, but overall a much better package.
  16. I think Mahindra is in two minds whether to launch this model, because it is not likely to be priced below 15 lacs, which straightaway takes it out of VFM category. They could do with more localisation and bring the cost down but then it would be too close to XUV. Its a tricky situation for Mahindra. They dont want another Skoda Yeti in the making. The situation in Indian UV market is fast changing. Earlier Mahindra had little competition in the SUV space. Now with Ford and Renault already doing well in sub 10 - 12 lac segment, it will not be an easy run for Mahindra with their Ssangyong brand. While the vehicle does look good, the majority of Indians would not call it a head turner.
  17. If you want a no-nonsense car and peace of mind, go for DZire. While Amaze is the closest competitor. If you are looking purely from the value for money perspective than Manza diesel would be the best buy. Agreed it has a very simple design and not the most stylish or futuristic, but then DZire or Etios cant also be called the best lookers. Trust me it gives the best space, good ride and handling, good fuel efficiency and some good features. People will argue about the After sales service of Tata, but then it is ever-improving under the new management and the reliability of the current Generation Vista , Manza is definitely superior than the old Indicas and Indigos. I would suggest you take your time and test-drive all the above listed vehicles, like Dzire, Amaze, Etios, Sail, Manza. I would not put M&M Verito in the list only because there are better options available for that price.
  18. Sorry hit the submit button by mistake a little early The ex-Delhi prices of XUV and Duster (diesel) are - XUV W6 11.86 W8 13.41 W8 4x4 14.44 Duster Diesel RXE 85 ps 8.73 RXL 85 ps 9.73 RXL 85 ps (o) 10.96 RXL 110 ps 10.75 RXZ 110 ps 11.65 RXZ 110 ps (o) 12. 18 The highest selling variant for XUV is W8 and for Duster RXZ. It will be interesting to see where Nissan would place Terrano Even if they start at say 9.5 lacs for Diesel and upto 13 lacs, it would still provide a good competition to XUV,. So in a way we will some good fight for nos in the price bracket of 8 to 13 lacs. I the other two brands i have not mentioned - 1) Scorpio has a different fan following and customer base 2) Storme isn't really setting the sales chart on fire..
  19. The ex-Delhi prices of XUV and Duster (diesel) are - XUV W6 11.86 W8 13.41 W8 4x4
  20. Its not practical / feasible to bring all the luxury cars CKD (For all the manufacturer) in India. In the recent years the top end market has matured to certain extent thats why some manufacturer have started CKD route in India. To be honest everybody is here to do business and make money (more the better) Its a matter of whether a customer is ready to pay X amount for a Car and whether a manufacturer is able to sell Y no of cars as he has planned out at that price. if both these ends are meeting than they would continue with the CBU route as it is more viable from their business case point of view. While i am not advocating the so called 'Milking' or charging more premium on the luxury cars, even cars Swift, I 20, Duster, Innova are comparatively over priced for the amount of equipment they offer, but they are still selling Coming back to Jaguar going CKD, i feel once they have started on some models, as per the market response they will look for extending it to other models as well
  21. Bolero is still doing good numbers as there is no directly competing vehicle in the segment, except to some extent Sumo which sells 20% of total Bolero sale on an average
  22. Looks decent, except - The black wheel arches. and of course the green colour on a larger size vehicle
  23. Whenever a Car Manufacturer starts developing a new vehicle, it always gets down to a 'trade-off' between looks, driving dynamics, comfort, features and finally the price. While one can not give best of everything in one vehicle, they try to strike more than acceptable balance between all of these. So if Honda (with its given experience) is developing an MPV on Brio platform, it is more likely that it will take care of the basic issues like stability, handling etc. Looks are subjective but Honda will definitely give something acceptable by people in general..
  24. i have a feeling that if the waiting period as stated in various forums would not have been so long (6 to 9 months and even more) for certain models (especially Ecoboost), there would have been many more buyers ready with the bookings. The production is not likely to be ramped up so much so quickly. Otherwise it had all the things in the making to become the best seller in the UV segment Duster would benifit to certain extent our of this.
  25. Looks good at that price point. If they are able to set up a proper dealer and service network to boost customer confidence, then they will surely be able to provide good competition to the likes of WagonR, I 10, Spark, Eon. But this particular segment is very cost conscious and risk averse. so reliability, cost / availability of spares will play a very improtant role in making or breaking of Datsun brand