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    UVian got a reaction from pratikraj1418 in New Honda Jazz spotted in India; Now Launched   
    Jazz with diesel engine is a car to watch out for. I am sure Swift will face stiff competition if they are able to price it right this time. The first generation Jazz was a superb hatchback except its price and not so good fuel efficiency.
    Honda is really the manufacturer to watch out for in next year or two. Of course no one can move Maruti out of the leadership position in the near future, but they would definitely face the heat.
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    UVian got a reaction from icetleUplix in Hello   
    Hello Members,
    This is UVian. As the id suggests, i have a personal liking for SUVs and MPVs.
    I do like to learn and research about the Passenger Vehicle industry in various other emerging markets similar to India like Indonesia, Thailand etc.
    I do feel we, in India, are yet to see best cars. I would love to see more advanced technology in terms of drive and safety coming to Indian cars, as i feel sometimes the biggies (manufacturers) take Indian market for granted.
    And for god's sake i would love to see the Indian Govt change their sub 4 meter excise norm and make it more logical so that we dont see compromises like Quanto, new Dzire on the roads.
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    UVian got a reaction from FarisTK in The CROSS models discussion thread. Do they make sense in India?   
    To me looks good from the rear and side profile. This whole cross thing can be good, if they offer a little more as you pointed out. Atleast higher ground clearance (may be higher tuned engine). Plus the price at which their current hatchbacks are selling is already touching upper limit, with limited value additions on these Cross versions, it is hard to convince Indian customers to pay that extra price.
    If they offer powerful engine, higher GC, and appropriate suspension, then it would definitely find some buyers. Only Plastics / Rubber claddings will not do.