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  1. I won't say that Indica is bad choice. I agreed that its not a fast car but its very good reliable car. One of my car is Indica V2 and it has done almost 75000 KM in last three years, no extra maintenance apart from normal service schedule. The build is solid (more so than its Japanese competition), while the paint job is excellent. Fit and finish has improved compared to earlier examples, but is still below average. Quality of parts is dismal.The interior design is functional. Quality of parts is again below average, especially the switchgears and steering fob. Recently introduced beige interiors are a sure step ahead of the drabby grey finishThe air-conditioner is chilling. Driving position is a bit awkward with a high steering and compromised ergonomics. Rear seat is perfectly contoured for comfort. Leg room is excellent front and back. Overall I would say that its value for money car but many people don't want to buy because of its cab image. I also know that Tatas are aware of this fact and they are working really hard to overcome with this perception. Hope they do something soon
  2. Again, installing a wub woofer is subject of personal choice. As far as the boot space is concerned, you can connect the woofer using male-female connector, so if you need the boot space, you can simply disconnect the sub or vice versa
  3. 1.2 petrol, 1.4 petrol 85 bhp and 1.4 diesel 69 bhp. Pricing expected between 5.5 to 7 lacs on road but the price will vary as per the different locations. Toped variant Elegant expected to have features like ABS, airbags, sunroof, ICE, tubeless tyres, alloy wheels etc. Even the base version expected to have safety feature like 2 airbags.
  4. you budget is 35000 Rs. and I would have the following :- HU-Pioneer/Alpine/Blau Cost - 7-10 K Front Compos - JBL/Hertz Cost 5-6 K Rear Co axials-JBL/Hertz/Illusion Cost 4-5K Amp-JBL/Kenwood/Pio-5-8K Subwoofer-7-8K Wiring-3-4K Wiring is one of the most important factor in Cac sound system, so do not ignore it. As far as the models are concerned, I suggest you ask the dealer to let you listen to few brands and decide it yourself, as said that something you like, others may not.
  5. Hi dd08 The setup is ok but I would suggest to get components speakers at the front. The JBL is good but you may find them bit bright, so I would suggest to listen to few brands and decide. The HU will not be able to provide full power to the speakers, for this you need an amp. The simple way to find out if you need an amp or not, is just see the volume level, normally you play, it it cross half of the volume and you still feel like increasing it, you will need an amp.
  6. If its available, it will cost you around 7-8 K if I am not wrong.
  7. Please note that this JBL GTO Series are now not in production. In case if you are able to find it in stock, please get it or in case if you get to know a place, where this series is still available, do let me know. There is a new series released from JBL called CS but I am not sure if its available as of now or not.
  8. Grande Punto was the car, that saved Fiat otherwise they would have been bankrupt in Europe. No doubt, Palio is one of the most powerful hatch in the country but its was always under estimated due to various reasons like After Sales service etc. But after Fiat Tata Venture I am seeing new hopes and I hope that Fiat's new models in India will do well and why not, when their engine in other cars like swift, upcoming SX4 Diesel, etc are doing well, why can't their car do the same. I wish them best of luck
  9. I still do not understand the purpose to have this thread. Can someone explain?
  10. If you are referring to my post, my answer is yes " Get an entry level Head Unit like Pio 2950 Cost 3500 Rs. Get a pair of Components Speakers like Hertz, JBL etc Cost 5-6000 Rs. "
  11. Verna diesel is without any question, winner. Its got the most powerful engine and its so powerful that you won't notice that you are driving a diesel car. My choices of the car will be (Considering the budget of 7-8 Lakhs) Verna CRDI Cedia (Basic Version-Not sure if its price is under 8 Lakhs, however I don't mind paying another 50-60K more to get Cedia) SX 4 -Complete Value for money car, though its got small issues with rear seat space etc but overall good car. Honda City - Not on my list, as I always feel that honda cars are way overpriced.
  12. It was done by the dealer. Offcourse I gave him some extra bucks for this. I used this temp number for 8-9 months and drove everywhere including Haryana, Rajasthan, UP, delhi, Punjab etc and finally got the permanent number. I think for temp number, you do not need any certificate but I may be wrong. Please check with your dealer first