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  1. Hi, This is Amit Sharma. I would like to seek your help/advice on a problem that I am currently facing with my 3 year old Toyota Innova V (23000 KM run, self driven & regularly maintained at company service center). Although my vehicle has low mileage, it is driven quite regularly (2- 3 times a week). Over the past 2 days, I have noticed that the following issues with my vehicle: a> Vehicle engine stalls all of sudden - it however restarts promptly thereafter but the problem keeps repeating frequently. b> When the vehicle stalls, it is accompanied by vigorous rattle. c> No warning signs/alerts are shown in the dashboard. d> The vehicle engine sound is uneven - sometimes it is smooth (i.e. normal) whereas sometimes it makes lots of rattling noise (similar to amplified sound of tappets). The problem started all of a sudden and has been repeating ever since. I will be taking my vehicle to the company service center tomorrow to get the problem diagnosed however I would like to understand: i. Is it advisible to drive the vehicle to the service center? In other words, will driving the vehicle in the above stated condition cause any damage? ii. What may be the cause of this issue? IMO - bad fuel doesn’t seem to be the issue as the vehicle has covered almost 400 KMs post last refueling. iii. This issue occurred only once in the past (1 ½ years ago) however Toyota folks checked the vehicle and told me that everything is fine. iv. Is this a common issue or a rare one? Thanks in advance for your help. Regards, Amit Sharma