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  1. Hi, Last december the car started stalling when putting the ac on, car would completely off and then after few mins it would start again, then it use be once a week, day and sometimes 2-3 a times a day. Sent it for servicing and then working fine until first week of feb, same problem, the car eventually broke down and skoda jmd came and it pick it up, they had to tow it, Now almost 7 weeks are up and they aren't responding and my car has still been in the workshop.. Whats the problem? anyone and can i do.
  2. Chevy Cruze all the way........... KEEP PRAISING THE CAR !!
  3. Finnaly this car has been launched !! All dealers have recieved this car in inida. Congrats chevy... after a big delay launch !! anuprav change the tittle of the post..
  4. Civic specially.. its not worth 14 lacks !
  5. i think linea is the better option..+ manza is to coming out
  6. Why you guys booking the car without driving it ? turbo-lag problems ??
  7. How about we in kharghar on 7/8th... fuelrungod... hook up vip passes for all autocar blogger or whoever have posted !!
  8. Yes I drove the car. No I was not completely sold out for it but its eye catching. whats the issue on the turbo lag ?
  9. anuprav.. u drove the cruze.. were u sold out for it ? we need more discussion on the turbo for the 1st and 2nd gear..
  10. i thought u were interested in the Cruze' date=' what happ? [/quote'] i am intrested in both... have to drive the cruze to luv it! i am sold out with the laura but the again price and maintainence goes in a bit of con.. = i think cruze will launch day after..then i will make my decision.. i am 5-11ft tall.. so the cruze will be quit uncomfortable sitting behind for me.. hearing about turbo lag in cruze... OMG i live in mumbai and theres allways traffic !! turbo get will be a pain the *** Note From Admin: Please adhere to the rules and regulations of the board. SMS lingo is prohibited and so is abusive language. Such posts in the future will be deleted without notification. FuelRunGod2009-10-10 08:13:26
  11. thanx.. what a brilliant review
  12. i hate it when they do this... i allways wanted a an AT when i was buying my new car ( which is now ) and they release after 4 months...pffffffffffffffffff more and more waiting... unlucky.. (