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  1. While buying my Vento I too had contacted the customer care when I felt that the dealer was not very forthcoming of my booking status, the customer care did not get back to me at all. @techlabhari, hope everything is OK with your Vento.
  2. Car makers who give the latest models to India should be commended and in this regard I think VW and Honda are doing well.
  3. Got hold of my Vento diesel highline(Silver) on 26th September. So far done only about 70km to provide my opinion about the car. It is the first time I am driving a diesel and trying to get used to it. I wonder whether any changes need to be made with regards to driving characteristics. No mats/mud flaps yet as the dealers do not have it which is a worry considering that it is the monsoon season. FE is about 13 in city so far.
  4. The Jetta will be much bigger than the current Jetta, will have a bigger engine and will be based on the most recent Golf platform. The interiors too will be a lot different. I have sat in the polo and the current jetta and the quality of the interiors do feel a class apart.
  5. Right now only i10 is the only small car with auto transmission. A low cost auto car will be ideal for congested city traffic and for lady drivers who find it difficult to multi task while driving. I hope the A star will be priced lower than the i10.
  6. Bangalore seems to be lifeless. Reports of some stone pelting in some areas, afraid to venture out.
  7. Dropped into one of the VW dealers today in Bangalore. The sales person informed me that they are taking bookings and the car should be available in August. He did not know about the 6th July launch. He rightly told me that it would be 1.6L engines but beyond that no other details were forthcoming. No info regarding any improved rear passenger space. If the space is similar to that of the Polo, I don't see it challenging the City.
  8. It looks like the values are declared by the Car companies. The values are very flattering for almost all cars and are probably taken after testing in ideal conditions. Nowhere near what can be expected in usual conditions but still a rough yard stick. How can we obtain ARAI values? and the comparison may be interesting
  9. Most cars in India is far too expensive compared to the international prices. This is probably because of very high import duty and low levels of localisation in many car makers. Recently my sister bought a Merc ML350 in US for 50000 dollars wheras the same car in India is very well above 50L rupees, twice the price compared to the US prices. If Tata can indigenously produce a car costing 25L rupees it should be at the level/quality of a Premium SUV such as M class or the BMW X series because that is what is going to cost them if build it in India. How they market it will then be the next point. In India only Maruti, Hyundai and Ford are priced on par with international prices. Even then we get the stripped down version, eg without side airbags etc.
  10. If the Polo 1.6 diesel (unexpected) is priced above 9L, presumably ex show room price, the Vento will be even more expensive and taking it well over the ANHC price. The City offers very good rear passenger space and doubt whether the Vento will offer the same space. The only advantage then will be the diesel engine and the mileage it may offer. More choice the merrier!
  11. I am yet to come across technical specifications of cars which lists the same FE for its auto and manual variants. Maybe the FE gap is narrowing but still not the same. Mr Obama says that the fuel crisis will be caused by Indians and Chinese gorging on cars. People in US can switch to smaller and manual cars and do something about the fuel crisis.
  12. Kia has probably got a substantial presence in Oz. They are the major sponsors of the Australian Open for quite a few years now. I wonder how they are doing there?
  13. The diesel is costlier than petrol in UK by a significant amount. Are we heading in the same way or some subsidy need to be maintained to protect price rise of agricultural produce?