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  1. The interiors are good but its the same as Fabia(especially the music player console). Somehow the steering wheel is not going with the interiors. It is not that impressive.
  2. I stay in Salt Lake. Where do you stay? Surely we can catch up. cheers
  3. Thanks anjan. From my end I have been researching on the i20 ASTA for almost 6 months. Totally obsessed about the car. So more or I know quite a few things about the car. Would be really sad if I do not get my hands on them(due to financial constraint).
  4. Wow !! That is huge discount for i10. I wish I could have the same kind of discount on i20. Thanks a lot rssh.
  5. Thanks a lot Dr. nishu for our advice. I will keep on updating about my experiences on this thread. It may take some time so please hang on. Cheers
  6. Hello my friends!! A very exciting day of my life is nearing. My mom has decided to pay a visit to the Hyundai showroom in a week or two. Obviously I will be accompanying her. We have chosen the Hyundai i20 ASTA (for now, because it may also go down to i10 for financial crunch). Frankly speaking I have no showroom experience. I do have some knowledge about cars but I am very much unfamiliar with the showroom environment. It would be great if the expert members can advice me on what are the things I should check out on my very first visit. We would be taking the car up on loan. I have already talked to a sales person over the phone. Any kind of advice will be appreciable. Drive safe!! Cheers
  7. Sorry MODS I did not notice your NOTE. I will make sure not to make such mistakes.
  8. @sarabjeet this is why so many accidents occur..the senior generation themselves are so careless at times ..they are the ones who scold us when we exceed 50KMPH..
  9. Thanks a lot BORNFREE for noticing the topic, thanks a lot bro. Take care. BornFree2009-12-22 17:05:51
  10. proud of going a safer speed or wearing seat belts...HAPPY SAFETY
  11. SAFETY is such a word which does not concern anyone until they actually end up in an accident. I admit that I am one of them. Individuals mostly youngsters are almost ashamed of driving below 100 kmph especially when they are with their group of friends. Neither do they care about their nor other peoples' lives, they just want to show off their flashy new ride to their friends or the opposite sex(mostly the latter). My point is why cant we be responsible, why cant we wear seat belts, why cant we think about the roadside thele wala who must be the only earning member of the family with a wife and children waiting at home, why cant we take care of ourselves, imagine your wife or mother or son or whoever is the most closest to your heart crying for you, whether you are dead or paralyzed. Whatever it is you make them cry, do we even understand their pain. There is always some one waiting for you at home. Why shrug off the idea of going at a responsible speed or wearing seat belts. WHY IGNORE SAGETY...WHY.. PLEASE friends be responsible, encourage people to DRIVE RESPONSIBLY. If your sitting beside a friend who is very casual about his responsibilities, tell him politely to lower the speed or wear the seat belt if it does not work ORDER HIM. DO SOMETHING. PLEASE FRIENDS SPREAD THE AWARENESS OF BEING SAFE.. This Topic may mean nothing to many members..i dont mind..the very few ones who read this may live a few more years..thats it...i want them to live a few more years..and let the innocent bystanders live a few more years too...PLEASE friends do be responsible..this is a request. FINALLY I am writing this because I myself had been one of those individuals who had seen death at a kissable distance, still gives goosebumps, you know what saved me - SEAT BELTS. You dont have to spend extra money or buy Zxi or ASTA or any other TOP model. These come with every car, SO JUST WEAR THEM.. Thanks for reading this... This is PANCHAM signing off and trying to SPREAD the SAFETY AWARENESS and DRIVE RESPONSIBLY message.. PLEASE DRIVE SAFE... Post edited Note from mod: Use capital letters where required & avoid writing like "------" this.BornFree2009-12-22 16:59:28