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  1. Thanks for your advice Ramesh, what I'm concerend about is that I had to reboot the equipment I had borrowed several times as it gave message; "Vehicle off road", does this happen with your GPS as well ? i understand the equipment I had borrowed is abour 2.5 years old. It is useful; no doubt, but I was suggested a route touching certain towns, however there was no provision in this one to enter all the data at one go, I had keep entering the next immediate town, all the time
  2. Hi Folks, I plan to buy a GPS gor my car, I read quite a bit on this topic in various forums , I also borrowed a Garmin Nuvi 715 from a friend and tried using this on my Trip from Bangalore to Calicut- I was not impressed, as this needed to be rebooted multiple times along the way and also did not have the provision to feed in a particualr route I prefer taking. Thought somebody out here may be able to provide me valuable inputs and share your experience on this topic Thread moved.BornFree2011-08-21 08:02:30
  3. Hi Rohan, With your budget there is plenty of choice and I would suggest 3 of these a) Cruze Automatic- Called the pocket rocket, if your love driving you are going to love this one- but service intervals of 5k km is the pain here Corolla Altis ( Petrol): Not the best in anything , but nothing can give you better piece of mind and bullet proof reliability as this car can c) Skoda Laura : Hoot to drive the TSI motor, but be aware of expensive spares and lousy service. This apart the other choices are : Fluence : Great car but over priced ... Civic: Without offence to any Honda owners, I beleieve that Honda has been exploiting the Indian's need for snob value for a little too long. I bet they have also paid auto jurnos to write great things about Honda. While they make good cars it does not justify the 2-3 Lakh premium they charge ( they too agrreed recently by slashing the price of City and more recently the Jazz) WHen they slsh the price of Civic, it will figure in my list above...
  4. Not Really, we as Indians, associate value for money to size so the sedans have their own place, and depending on the geography we are talking of, brands along with size have a snob value. My take on the reason for the rise in demand of the hatchback is due to the congested state of our cities, parking pains and these premium hatches provide provide all comforts along with advantage on manuvourability and there are people who have started thinking practical!!
  5. I'm just thrilled to find this forum, let me introduce myself, I'm Gops and I'm passionate about Cars and Bikes. Guess this would be a great place to have all like minded folks and look forward to having a rollicking time . I'm an engineer , love highway driving and believe in two way communication with the car I drive, most folks don't understand what this means, but I'm sure some out here surely will. Cheers