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  1. Schumi, what does this mean in begginers lingo- stock zappers? as in the tyres that they come with? cheers.
  2. Hi Crazy Cat Thanks for the reply, Q for you- what do you say the F is better than the P? Can u give me some more insights pls, curious- have you riden them? what if i take the p and increse the rear and front wheels, wud that improve the ride experience, i know it will cut my power a bit, but thats ok i guess, i am looking for a bike to ride in the night too as my works are in the night -late, all looking at a bike thats cool for resale in 8 months as thats the plan, have ridden both the thinge anout fazer struck me that it was more nible, without the obvious kg difference? cheers,
  3. Hello Wud appreciate your feedback, am inclined towards the p220 but i have ridden the new frazer and thats a cool bike too... on the p220 i prefer the extra power.. is that a wise choice, ridden both bikes and a little confused... help ?
  4. Guys First time bike buyer here in delhi, i like the new 220 pulsar, currently the rear tyres are 120/80 , was wondering if i change them to 130/80 would that be ok, or shud i not mess around with bigger tyres as they will change the handling of the bike, appreciate yr help- thanks and regards. c.