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  1. He is in the auto industry. We've a Tyre & Battry shop in Sector 21. Do you know him now?
  2. You are welcome Uneet. I did speak with my dealer on the insurance. He is acting smart. He says that its an overall deal. If you want the insurance to be reduced, then your overall discount will be reduced by that much amount. I outsmarted him by going to another dealer and getting the insurance discount along with the overall discount and then told him to reduce else I'll go the other dealer. He is yet to get back to me on this but I atleast know that I've an option of going to another dealer, which I'll use to get the insurance premium down . Thanks for the link. I'll check the mfg year and mth once I've the VIN No. Maruti guys are smart. They had mentioned it on the order form, which I had signed, that if the car is invoiced in your name, they'll deduct 5K of booking amount at the time of cancellation. And yes they have invoiced the car in my name as I had got a call from Maruti HQ in Gurgaon seeking feedback on the car and the dealership, which didn't even get delivered to me. So guess I'll have to bear the loss. Any other tips that I need to keep in mind till the time I get the car. And yes, what is the mirror lock?
  3. Gautam is my brother name who is in Chd. Do you know him?
  4. Hi Aptsat / Uneet, Thanks a ton for helping me in taking this decision. Finally I am convinced that Fabia is not as bad as projected by TBHP and other forums. I also asked my dealer to give me phone nos of 4 of his Fabia customers with whom I can speak ans take feedback. I spoke with all 4 of them and they gave excellent feedback about the car and the dealership. So today I cancelled my Swift booking and have initiated the loan formalities for Skoda. I had to forgo my deposit fo 5K with Maruti as they had already invoiced the car in my name and they had to pay some taxed which they are recovering from me. Do you guys have some idea around this i.e. whether they are being fair and just in retaining amount? @Aptsat - I did check with the dealer and he has assured me that it'll be 2009 manufacturing and not a 2008. Is there any way for me to figure out from the VIN no. about the year and month of mfg? all dealerships in India are offering huge discounts on Fabia. Guess they have some plans for 2010 for which they might be clearing the inventory. But who cares, I am getting a good deal and am happy abt it. I am not sure what is mirror lock? The dealer did not mention to me about it. Also wanted to check with you guys on the Insurance. The dealer is charging exuberant price for the Insurance i.e. Rs 23K. I am certain that I can get a less expensive insurance from the market, but the dealer is not agreeing to let me take the insurance from outside. Was that the case with you guys also? In fact the same thing happened with Maruti also and they were also not agreeing to let me take Ins from outside. I am sure they make some money from there also but is this a fair practice. Should I force them to let me take the insurance from outside? Pls advice. I am really looking forward to get the car next week and thanks to you guys, I was able to make my mind. And yes, Aptsat its a SKODA Do send in your replies. Thanks, Gaurav
  5. Thanks for your suggestion. The dealer i giving me a good discount of 65K. The on road price is INR 6.35L for Classic Version. Free goodies like Teflon, Mats, Mud Flaps. Is this a good price? I am yet to get a response on the car performance. Pls let me know if you have an idea.
  6. Thanks for your suggestion buddy. I've also read some bad reviews on the ASS for Skoda. But so far my dad has been getting a good service from Skoda Dealrership in Chandigarh. I guess the problem comes when there is replacement of part required for which procurement might take some time, which I am sure will not happen to every car purcahsed :-). I was more keen in knowing about the performance of the Car. So if yo know anything then pls let me know abt that.
  7. Sorry for the wrong no. The correct one is 9673993438
  8. Hi Buddy, I am also looking to buy Fabia 1.4 Ltr diesel car. I had already booked Swift VDI and am getting it cancelled coz I've changed my mind to go for a premium hatchback car. Skoda has that snobbish appeal, which is attracting me towards it. I know that the engine might not be as good as an i20 or Maruti Swift VDI, but I am somehow attracted towards this car. I have read thru all the responses you got from various members and finally u decided to take Fabia. I would need your honest opinion whether I shud go in for this car or not. Few apprehensions in my mind are - 1.) I've heard that Skoda is looking to change its engine to that of VW Polo, which is of a superior technology. Do you have any idea abt it. 2.) The car runs good in the city but cries for more power at the highways. Is that true? What is the top speed that you've driven the car at and how was the car's response. 3.) Any defects that you came across after buying the car for which you had to goto the dealer for replacement or repair? And any bad experiences you had thereafter. I am really looking forward for your advice on this. If possible you can call me also in my mobile 9672993438 or leave me a call back no. Thanks, Gaurav