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  1. Congratulations and best wishes, luukie, on becoming the owner of a FIAT Linea. Your salesman is correct. There is no mention of running-in specified in the owner's handbook.
  2. Now, my Linea has become more fragrant with nice natural citric smell thanks to My Shaldan air fresheners that sit on the cup holder.
  3. Yes' date=' they do shipping to India. I got this portable compressor delivered at my home from Amazon. I saw some tyre inflators in Metro or Reliance Autozone. You can try in ebay.in too. But, they are mainly cheap Chinese brands. Indian brands are very few.
  4. Durango Dude: No. We can't set the pressure. It has to be done manually. If the portable compressor is switched off, it will indicate the pressure. Fill up to the required pressure by alternate switching on and off.
  5. Now, parking my Linea is effortless thanks to Autocop rear parking sensors that she got fitted at Concorde Motors, Dairy Circle, Bangalore, recently.
  6. From amazon.com. VIAIR. I have provided the link in my post.
  7. Just a few minutes back, I bought 4 My Shaldan air fresheners [2 each of lemon and orange fragrance] from Reliance Autozone, near my home at Basaveswara Nagar, Bangalore, costing Rs 663 [221x3] in total [buy 3 & get 1 free offer].
  8. FIAT India Automobiles Limited, Ranjangaon We visited FIAT India plant at Ranjangaon on 3 December 2010. That was a red-lettered day in my life. That was the day when about 120 Fiat owners with their friends and families in their 60+ Fiat cars, participated. We met at VITS, a business hotel in Pune. All our Fiat cars were pasted with nice Fiat stickers on both the front doors. Rajeev Kapoor, CEO, FIAL, flagged off the 60+ Fiat cars after breakfast. We drove to Fiat plant at Ranjangaon, located about 72 km from Pune on the toll-free 4-laned SH 60 to Ahmednagar. After welcome drink/biscuits, we were taken around the engine and power transmission division, where 1.3 MJD and 1.2/1.4 FIRE engines and gear boxes are manufactured, assembled and tested. 1.4 T-Jet engines are fully imported. The Fiat engineers claimed that the Fiat Ranjangaon plant is a state-of-the-art car plant in India and the latest Fiat plant in the world. The plant was clean and tidy. Robtics were used for many operations, which warranted accuracy. Later, we were taken in a bus to car assemply plant in the same campus. Because of low volume of Fiat cars, they do not have in-house body-press shop, which needed heavy investment. FIAL supply the high tensile, low carbon steel sheets [raw material] to their vendors, who press them into different panels like doors and supply them to FIAL. However, the skin was fitted to the door panels by robots. We saw the assembly line, which was shared by three products, viz., Fiat Linea, Punto and Tata Manza. It was amazing to see the robots reconfigure themselves for different products! First, we saw robotic welding of panels with the chassis of Linea, followed by two Puntos, and then, three Manzas in the same assembly line! Fiat engineers informed us that the product details [model, variant, colour, etc.] are fed into the system before the commencement of each shift depending upon the order book. After the plant visit, we were hosted with a delicious and sumptuous vegetarian lunch, followed by an interactive session with the top officials of FIAL including Rajeev Kapoor and Ravi Bhatia, Vice-President, FIAL. We were presented with Fiat 500 optical car mouse as memorabilia. Rajeev Kapoor shook hands with each and every one of us present. Last, but not the least, all our Fiat cars' fuel tanks were topped up with fuel! We were not allowed in the paint-shop as it was a dust-free zone. Neither we were permitted to take photographs inside the plant. J.Ravi2011-06-28 05:06:43
  9. After exhausting the free AmbiPur sponsored by Concorde Motors at the time of delivery of my Linea, I have been using Glade Sport car perfume . I have unpacked the last one today.
  10. Punto/Linea's brake pads are soft and tend to wear out quickly. When my Linea went for its third free servicing [23' date=950 km - 15,000 km after the second one] at Concorde Motors, Mysore Road, Bangalore, recently, I specifically asked them to check and change the brake pads, if necessary. After examining them, they informed me it would be fine for the next 10,000 km, as I use my Linea in highways mostly. Please call the spare part section of Concorde Motors, Mysore Road, Bangalore and ascertain if they them in stock. If so, take your Punto there, get them examined and replaced, if necessary.
  11. Let me revive this thread. Yesterday, I received VIAIR 85P Portable Compressor for my Linea bought from Amazon, costing USD 99.15 inclusive of all. [http://www.amazon.com/VIAIR-85P-Portable-Air-Compressor/dp/B0036E9VB6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=automotive&qid=1308998531&sr=8-1 Today, I tested it on my Suzuki Fiero motorcycle as the air pressure in my Linea was intact. The rear wheel of my Fiero was around 22 psi initially, which I wanted to inflate to 32 psi. I connected the portable compressor in my Linea's cigarette lighter point, connected the rear wheel mouth with the nozzle, started the engine, switched on the compressor, within about 10 seconds or so, it was up to 32 psi. I checked the pressure with my solar-powered tyre pressure gauge. It showed 33 psi. Robust build. Very less sound. No air leakage. Quick air fill. Accurate pressure gauge. I am fully satisfied with VIAIR 85P Portable Compressor. J.Ravi2011-06-25 11:24:55
  12. We left Ginger Surat around 6 am and reached Mumbai by 3:30 pm including stops for breakfast [45 minutes] and lunch [45 minutes]. We were caught in the traffic jam for more than 2 hours in the diversions due to road-widening works between Surat and Mumbai in December 2010. J.Ravi2011-06-22 04:02:47