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  1. The problems related to Mechatronics failure in VW DSG's are long gone now. They have replaced the gearbox oil afaik. I haven't heard of any new Octavia's having mechatronics failure. Just get the extended warranty and you will have no issues. Also read that new Superb has a different iteration of DQ200.
  2. I will be visiting the venue on 5th and keeping my eyes on the VW Ameo, Baleno RS, B9 Audi A4 and the Jaguar XE. Will share the pics in this thread.
  3. If you are from Delhi, you can try out Rally motors or search on OLX etc. you will be able to find some good used luxury cars.
  4. The car is back and running well. The body shop took over 2 weeks just to replace the front and rear bumper. Thanks!
  5. That's such a nice review F30! Saw the review earlier on the 'other forum' about which sachins was talking. BTW, Did you look at other options? The Armytrix exhaust is probably the loudest exhaust for 328. You can also control the valves to make it silent.
  6. Congratulations Maverick! Even i have a Ciaz VVT in the family. I would anyway prefer Ciaz over the Honda City. I found Ciaz better built than City and the blackend headlamps give it a very handsome look. Nothing can go wrong when you buy a Maruti
  7. So I had an unfortunate accident 1 hour ago. Last week, my mom was driving the car and a tractor trailer was turning into the service lane and banged the rear bumper. There was no visible damage but the frame was broken and small scratches. Since the car was lying unused today, i was taking it to the Rohan motors Noida today. Just half km away from the MASS, a motorcyclist banged into my car. I was a 0 kmph at the time of impact and the over speeding biker crashed and got some small bruises. I made sure he was ok, and then he rode away after apologising to me. So both the front and rear bumpers are damaged and will get them repaired via my insurance. I was going to update about some of the accessories i have put on the car and a 2 year ownership report, but i will do that once i get the car back. I am feeling very bad about this because it is the 1st crash i have ever had in my life. Will get a dash cam installed ASAP. All the fellow ACIans please get a dash cam installed. If something major happens, you will have some proof.
  8. Ram Rahin has also done other wacky jobs. I can't find the pics but he also made a Veyron replica.
  9. Delhi might get a 458 Speciale Apereta soon.
  10. This will definitely priced below 10 lakh as it is heavily localised. I hope they give a 6 speed transmission and a better stance. The wheel gap is almost identical to the normal Punto.
  11. I don't know why but the new car doesn't look like a proper Ladder on frame car. The old Fortuner had a butch look and everyone used to get out of the way when one is coming. The new Endeavour on the other hand looks spot on. It has also got some high tech gadgets.
  12. Maybe you can use a dash cam for that. But that might drain the battery of your car. Some cars have got the power outlet working even when the key is out. Or you can get a CCTV for your parking spot.
  13. This is what they did in the facelift. The cheetah marks are gone and it is more clean than before.
  14. The last 458 to be sold in India. Shares garage with a R8 V10, 911 and a DBS.
  15. Just realised i have completed 2 years on the forum. Also next month, my DZire will be 2 years old.
  16. Both are same engines but in different tune. There is also more turbo lag in the Jetta. Jetta TSi-122 bhp Octavia 1.4 TSi-140 bhp Octavia 1.8 TSi-180 bhp
  17. 17 Lakhs approx for a Scorpio. Prices have gone up very much. When i bought my Scorpio VLX in 2008, the 4wd Auto was around the 13 mark.
  18. Even i saw the car in flesh at TGIP mall Noida. The car is really small from outside. More like a Swift Cross. Creta is surely leaps ahead.
  19. I would any day pick the Camry hybrid over there 3 series or C class. I drove my relatives camry hybrid and what a car it was. There was no lag and as soon as you put your foot down, the car shoots away without making a noise. It is also extremely comfortable for the chauffeur driven people. Drop down the armrest and you get each and every control on your tips.
  20. i don't think so Creta would be eating in to Q3 sales at all. Q3 is a compact luxury suv and on the other hand Creta is just an entry level small suv.
  21. I don't think so the Jetta TSi would be a match for other cars. Even the smallest engine in octavia is faster than Jetta TSi! Octavia TSi is best for you.
  22. My dad is looking for a new car and at this period only they launched. If things go as planned, i might be writing an ownership review of it
  23. Hey there! Considering your usage, i would suggest you to get a Diesel car. Can you be more specific and tell us whether you want a SUV or sedan.
  24. Completed 10000km. It is now 1year and 8 months old but the car doesnt have the punch. I might upgrage to a Polo TSi. The car is now boring and i am seeking a replacement as soon as 4 years are completed.
  25. Congrats! Even i use an iPhone 6 64gb.