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  1. its a Beast' date=' flawless power, one has to drive it to believe it [/quote'] ? i drove it... agreed its a monster but a very expensive beast to maintain.. ? What if the the cruze is better ? well actually the cruze is better from 0-60 and 0-100 km the cruze rapes the laura that much but then laura rapes the cruze... but where would u get to drive frequently above 100 ? marine drive ? not?very often ?yeah? what is the 0-100kmh figures of the cruze? & btw what is ur age? just curious Good question insane79
  2. Of course leather is made from animal hide. Even the sages in India and the hindu God Shiva wore animal hide with the hair on and meat was always part of their diet. And what about the majority of the people on this planet who want to eat meat? Ever heard of the word Omnivore? That is what humans are, please see your canines. Domesticated cattle and livestock are meant for our food so what is wrong with using leather unless its from an endangered species? So siddharth you don't wear leather shoes, belts or wallets and know no women who have leather hand bags? Its not a must to buy leather but people have a choice and they must exercise that. And fake leather like PVC and PU are plastic derivatives and cause more harm to the environment and people during manufacturing and disposal. Its all about personal choice.
  3. Innova for toyota engineering reliability and comfort. Tata safari for village roads and tata engineering unreliability. I would recommend the more reliable scorpio over the safari Linea great value for money sedan and mileage for metal roads but will not move as many people or luggage as an Innova.
  4. The thing is that you and shahid take anything I point out about ryder leather quality and specification personally. That only happens when there are vested interests. There is nothing to hide. The leather ryder uses does not meet automotive specs at all. If you are not an interested party you should be happy to get the information. Asking to ban me will not change the leather ryder uses to meet technical specs required for automotive upholstery.
  5. Okay so this is your other ID. Stanley does not need me or you promote them as they have been around for years. The 0.9 to 1.0 mm leather than ryder sells, supplied by most likely club collection and local leather suppliers of article madras print from Chennai to them is not an automotive grade leather. 1.1 to 1.3 mm is the minimum thickness for any automotive grade as per ISO norms. I am merely pointing out the truth.
  6. Exactly Cyrus. But my point was never about pricing anyway. It was about quality versus price. There are plenty of sellers who make cheaper leather seats with the same 0.9 to 1.0 mm after market upholstery leather that ryder is offering. It is widely available. I think it is important to become an educated customer. I will never put non auto spec leather into my cars. The auto leather is made for a reason, and that is for use in cars.
  7. I did not say Stanley offers automotive leather just said that their Satin leather is thicker than the furniture leather you sell at ryder. Whether stanley complies with any standard is decided by their customers not some small time business like Ryder ranting and raving on the internet.
  8. Asian does not mean Indian Mr expert But scandinavian raw material in an Italian tannery is baloney !!
  9. Hey Shahid LOL. you are really desperate are you not? Jumping to conclusions so fast? Please stop marketing for some non descript seat maker in Mumbai using the same old after market furniture leather. You do have any automotive grade leather obviously. There will always be guys cheaper than you offering the same stuff elsewhere. Pretending to be some leather expert who has been in for 50 years and trying to push his products on a forum. I have other things to do in life and hence cannot respond to all the drivel you write.
  10. This is not true at all and is lie. Italian tanneries do not use scandinavian raw material for producing this cheap after market upholstery leather which is used for sofas. Most of the raw material in Italy is from south europe and asia that is why it is cheap leather. So Shahid please know when you are caught lying. You cannot get out by making up stories
  11. yes but there are minimum ISO automotive specifications for thickness and it is 1.1 to 1.3 mm
  12. So you now admit that RYDER does not offer leather with automotive specifications. I am not looking to do business but just calling your bluff about your company RYDER who is not selling an automotive specific leather.
  13. Shahid it is not rocket science to take years and years to learn. It is just leather and how its processed. I am a chemical engineer and tanning is not something that is alien to me.