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  1. This is all who own these cars, can you please tell about their after sales and service experiences. It will help prospective buyers.
  2. Prices are quite high in my opnion. Anything above 12 lakh is high for 4.2 m car.
  3. You may be right, as it is there is a difference of 2% in finance rate for new and old car, hence I will there at the end of the road. Guys, thanks for the advise. I will go for the new car.
  4. Dear all, I need your advise in buying SX4 Automatic, I have few choices, please help. 1. New SX4 ZXI Auto costing 8.30 lakh on road Gurgoan. 2. Getting Maruti registered second hand SX4 ZXI Auto with leather seats for 7.50 lakh, its driven only 2150 Kms. It is manufactured in 9/09 and registered in March/10 in the name of Maruti suzuki India ltd, Gurgoan. I test drove it for one kilometre and car is rattle free. Car is like new barring very few minor scraches. Kindly advise.
  5. Congrats for new baby, how many days it took to deliver ?
  6. carwar

    Linea T-Jet

    Tjet launch for Delhi/Ncr is on 16th October. It hasn't been launched yet here.
  7. Naren, all the car makers share something or other to cut R&D cost, hence this product. As you know Fiat is a pioneer of CRDI engine and sold its technology to many others in their time of crises like Hyundai. There were 20% of GM in Fiat and Suzuki at some period of time hence DDIS in Maruti..
  8. ? When did Suzuki(Maruthi) collabrate with Fiat for SX4 model Car ? Please explain' date=' I really do not know about this.[/quote'] Naren, Go to and look out for Seidci and you will understand.
  9. Woman look for car which looks much expensive than her friends and neighbors and of course a vanity mirror.
  10. Sx4 is much robust car and very easy to drive also and you get better service an cheaper spare parts from Maruti and service interval is also spaced at 10000km. Another DNA of SX4 is that it is made in collaboration with Fiat hence its ride and handling is like Linea if not 100% then at least 80% whereas Honda is no match plus you save money and also gets ACC and 16" wheels and wider tyres than ANHC. My comments are based on my experience of both the cars. I am also going for SX4 Auto next month .