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  1. Yea, too hectic workload, was supposed to leave for Ranthambore-Pushkar Mela-Ajmer ride today, had too cancel that too ! Will keep updating pictures as and when possible ! Thank you, Will keep posting !
  2. Guys, first of all extremely sorry for not being able to update the post. Have been extremely busy, and will further be as well. I'll just put up pics from the ride, will complete the log as and when possible.
  3. I am not getting the version. Only latest ones are avialable !
  4. Does anyone among us have the Samsung Galaxy Tab (the very first one)? I desperately need to borrow the Samsung Kies software CD that came along with the device.
  5. We had decided to sleep late into the day since this was the only night when we could have a proper sleep. For tomorrow we start riding and you can never sleep properly a night before the ride. 'Morning', Vaibhav said as I woke up. It was bright and there was ample sunlight coming in from the window. In fact, the light was the reason I had woken up. It was 11am. Finally, a good night's sleep. 'Morning', I said, as I sat upright. Vaibhav was just finishing his breakfast. 'I gotta go home. Will see you tomorrow morning at 5. I'll come here at your place and we'll ride together ahead' 'Yea, pack your stuff well, cya tomorrow' Once Vaibhav left, I went about my daily routine of tea-shower-breakfast-newspaper. I decided to get my stuff together and get it all packed and ready early rather than keeping it for later in the evening. An important thing to remember is carrying just the right amount of luggage. Most of us end up carrying more than required which just adds to the weight, making it difficult to manage the bike in streams and slush. I further needed to keep the weight as low as possible since Ninja250R is very low on ground clearance. Added weight meant it would further reduce the clearance. Since I have already listed most of the things in the post earlier, I'll keep it short here. Only things I carried: 2 Loose fitting cargo pants. One which I would wear while riding and one spare. Jeans become really uncomfortable for long rides. Hence, cargos. 3 T-shirts in total. 1 in use 2 spare Around a dozen briefs 1 thermal wear Foot pump Puncture repair kit (tubeless) Engine oil Camera, lenses Tripod Diomox tablets Spare visor Tools, spare mirrors, levers and cables Bike cover That pretty much sums up all that I was carrying. Loading the saddles takes quite a few trial and error attempts since you need to end up with approximately the same weight on either side so it doesn't disturb the bike's balance or composure. After quite a few attempts I finally got a balance which I was finally satisfied with. I spent the evening watching movies while cleaning my riding gear. I went down to the parking, mounted all the luggage the way it was supposed to be while riding and did a trial run of around 20-30kms at various speeds. The trial is very necessary since, we do tend to find a few niggles in the luggage setup which could end up irritating you once you begin your ride. Like in my case, the tripod was positioned in such a way that I could sit on the bike only from the one side. I kept it in mind to mount it properly the next day. I reached back home and was early to bed to ensure proper rest. As expected, I was just not sleepy at all. I was just fooling around on the bed, looking straight at the ceiling in the dark. Why does it happen that the night before a big ride has to be the longest? Theory of Relativity does come into play after all. Vaibhav and Ali both had informed me about their luggage being ready and going to sleep early. Could it be that they are awake too? Just as I was contemplating whether to call and check if it was true, the screen of my phone came to life spreading light in the darkness filled room. It was a call. Swipe I did on the screen, ‘Yea?’ ‘Were you asleep? I cannot sleep at all!’, Vaibhav’s voice said. ‘Same here, no hint of sleep’ Ali, amongst all three of us, is as calm as cucumber. He does have the excitement but his rational side is stronger. Unlike Vaibhav and me, who hardly have any rationale! ‘We anyways aren’t sleeping. Should we leave now?’, said an elevated voice over the cell phone. The idea wasn’t bad. Rather than wasting your energy all night without sleeping, one could rather start early. But quickly coming out of the ir-rationale I said,’ We would have thought about it if it was just you and me. Anyways it’s hardly any hours left. We have waited patiently for over 10 days. Let’s not do anything impulsive or silly that could jeopardize our ride. Even if we do call Ali, only thing we would get from him is “ch&^%*a hai kya tum log”, so try to go to sleep and be here in the morning.’ ‘Hmm..okaaay,’ replied a disappointed Vaibhav. I could imagine him with a long face. After another session of fight with my blanket to get my feet inside and mummify myself in, I finally fell asleep. After what felt like just a couple of hours, my alarm went off. It was 4am. This could easily be my fastest timings to wake up and get ready after an alarm in my entire lifetime. I guess I probably had beaten my own timings from the 2010 ride. Everyone at home was still asleep, which meant the first thing I had to do was make tea for myself. After the routine, I went down with the luggage. I reached my stilt and there stood Abhi standing next to my bike. Abhi (Abhilabh), one of my best riding partners and fellow MBCian, who stays close by, had told me he would come down at my place in the morning to help me with the luggage and wish me luck. We mounted the saddles, put up a bungee to avoid the saddle from slipping towards the front seat. Mounted the backpack on the rear seat and secured it with the bungee net (Yes! the cheaper one ). Remembering my mistake from yesterday, I mounted the tripod properly this time, which allowed me to access the front seat from either sides. I opened the bike cover and wrapped it around the luggage to protect it from rains. Just as I was about to mount my last bungee cord we distinctively heard the rev-happy sounds of the twin-pod. We turned around , there it was the mean looking Ninja300R, with the entire luggage mounted and the rider completely geared. A completely geared rider, on a bike like the Ninja is such a sight. Black jacket, black tinted visor, green bike. Lovely! I went up home to collect my gear and bid adieu to my parents. ‘Ride safe, keep calling whenever possible’, said my beaming parents. With a sudden streak of pure Indian genes, I touched their feet and entered the lift. As the lift started its descent, I began wearing my gear looking into the mirror. The transformation from the 9th floor to the ground floor felt nothing less than Iron Man I couldn’t stop looking at myself in the mirror fully geared checking out the new helmet but the excitement of beginning the ride was much more than the pleasure of watching oneself in the mirror. As I came out of the lift, I get a call from Ali, informing that he is leaving from home (Charni Road) and meet us at Fountain Hotel (Ghodbunder Junction). Abhi wished us the best of luck for the ride as I brought the engine to life. I sat on the bike and waited the RPM needle to settle down after idling. Just as it did, I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and said to myself,” Yes you are finally once again doing it!” With a small prayer to keep us all safe, the Ninja250R and the Ninja300R began the ride, riding in sync! Too be continued… !
  6. I am since the entire day trying to upload a display pic on my profile. but it is not happening
  7. So after another restless night, I once again wake up to an early morning cup of tea. With the ususal breakfast and newspaper routine, I had successfully spent the slow moving morning hours. Just as we finished our breakfast I answered my mom's last night's question. Things to do over the next week: 1) Get a good saddle bag(I borrowed it from a friend - which reminds me I still need to return it to him) 2) Get a welded mount support for the luggage(Got it locally made from a gas welder) 3) Carry spares - Clutch cable, accelerator cable, mirrors, brake & clutch levers, extra fuses, spark plug - mirrors and levers for the simple reason that these are the first things that get damaged in case the bike trips (Praveen made all of these available for me) 4) Tools - set of all required ring and T paana's. Tubeless puncture repair kit. Patches.(grabbed all of these from my own showroom) 5) Get Slime filled in the tyres (one of my friend deals in Slime so it was sorted out) 6) Visit the family physician (He was more interested in the details of the trip than getting me checked. He did after all.) 7) Get visors for the helmet (I came home picking up a helmet instead. I really loved it) 8) Buy a power backup for the phone (accessories shop just down the road) 9) Get a postpaid Bsnl sim (which i skipped. It was pure bliss to be without a cellphone for 10-15days. No calls, no whatsapp, no disturbance whatsoever. I wouldn't advise anyone to do the same though. Incase you end up in a fix, you'll be cursing yourself for not carrying one) 10) Medicines- especially Diomox 11) Extra memory back up for cam The next remaining days were spent running from pillar to post getting all these things in place. It does appear to be fairly simple to do but trust me once you are on it, you realise it takes much more time than you thought it would. Most important thing to remember is to keep a day off just for rest before the D-Day, I learnt it the hard way during my 2010 Leh ride. I was so tired at the last 50kms of the day, if I had crashed I would probably haven fallen asleep there itself. This time I didnt repeat the mistake. As I was getting these things in place, so were Ali and Vaibhav.We kept in touch constantly to know the progress on each other. On one of these days, Vaibhav & me decided to visit the OTG ( outdoor travel gear) at Bandra to pick up a Cramster Colt(saddle bag). For reasons unknown, I found the person to be 'not as polite as one would want him to be.' Just as we were about to enter the shop,'Sir please remove your shoes outside' We did so and were about to enter again. 'Sir your jacket' We obliged and the third time,'Sir your backpack too. It's wet and dripping water as well' I had killed him in my mind till now. Entering this time just in my jeans and tee I asked if ' you sure you don't want me to remove anything else? If you want me to tell me right now!' The guy stared at me looking startled.Must be having a bad day, I thought. 'Cramster Colt' I said 'Which bike do you want to use it on?' 'Ninja' I said. 'It might touch the exhaust' 'I am making a rack for it so it'll be taken care off' 'No please don't buy it. All you guys say the same and then when it touches the exhaust you come back to return it and ask for a refund' I had already killed him twice in my mind till now. But keeping our laws in mind I replied 'Don't worry I am not coming back for a refund' 'I am not gonna entertain a refund if your calculations go wrong, u sure u still want it?' 'In that case, I'll take two' The killing part, make that thrice Secondly he quoted 400 for a single bungee net! What a RIP OFF! I chose not to buy the bungee net from him. 'Thank you sir please do come again' he said giving my card back. Yea as if I am really gonna do that! Weird guy! But this experience was highly personal. There are many who have a good one too. With the saddles in place, we went on to the helmet shop on the way home where I picked up a new helmet.(Pics attached) With visors and helmet in place we were finally done with all the preparation we had chalked out. Vaibhav came over at my place for dinner and stay. ' Is there anything we have missed?', I asked him as we laid down in my room looking at the ceiling. At times like these when you are in deep thoughts the ceiling & ceiling fan suddenly appear very interesting and engrossing. 'Not that I know off' he said. 'Just another day to go' I said 'Thanx for letting me tag along in this ride, It's gonna be the longest ride I have ever done' he said cheekily. ' Hmm.. your not gonna hug me and drop some tears next, are you? '@#$& off!' 'Yea good night to you too' To be continued. .
  8. Oh, I don't remember seeing a maroon Aria. Nevamind! I am myself planning to do Leh next year, in a 4 wheeler though! Planning to take my parents this time! Looking at the quality and speed with which roads are being constructed, it wont be long before your brothet could do the trip on the CB itself!
  9. Is it a pearl white Aria? I do remember coming across one! True, the beauty remains unparalleled! Thank you for the compliment! Thank you! Yes, I'll keep adding more pics as and when they relate! Sorry for keeping you all waiting. Since I have returned after almost a month I have a huge pending workload. I'll try to come up sooner with the next posts though. Putting up a couple of pics as compensation for the long wait!