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    How's it going people ? Finally after a long time of wanting to be a part of the forum, I have finally remembered and made a point to sign up ! My name's Ashish. Self- employed. Currently own and operate an exclusive showroom of MRF Tyres in Thane. (So next time you are in need of a set of new rubbers after burnouts or drifts/donuts you know where to come ) Avid tourer (bikes/cars), moto-graphy enthusiast, love making new friends and networking as well. So lets hope to make good friends here and keep ourselves updated about the latest happenings in our field of passion -automobiles.
    See you around often !
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    Wow !
    Good to see what is BREWING here.
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    Hi everyone! Evening coffee is fine with me all I need is parking for my car and I can reach anywere in Mumbai, I stay at Colaba.