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  1. d) Ford Figo - VFM. But less rear room. And did not like the interiors. Figo Has best rear leg room in its class after Indica Vista. Do check it again and Figo is VFM car in its class with suerior ride and handling capabilities after Punto.
  2. If you look at month on month sales then Honda and Fiat both are doing well than Maruti and others.
  3. Welcome to Forum and enjoy your stay here.
  4. Sir why shocking' date=' please will you care to explain for the benefit of others.[/quote'] Since you insist, When the Amby sold 500+ units recently, a modern car like the optra, which is a comptent product, has sold 93 units, which is a huge difference over the figure 3 years ago. And pl. don't address me as sir. What you want to say, is it less than your expectation or why the hell is it selling at all ? Saying sir means nothing but mark of respect for fellow members and hope others also follow that.
  5. Sir why shocking, please will you care to explain for the benefit of others.
  6. Hey I can't edit as I have learner licence and there is only one post like that but I am so surprised that there are not enough comments on June sales.
  7. Ford India posted record sales figures in the month of June 2010, primarily due to Figo finding great favour among buyers. Total units sold stood at 7,269 units against 1,982 units in June 2009, a growth of 267%. For the first quarter ended 30 June 2010, sales grew by 270% to 22,858 units. Ford is quite upbeat about Figo and has added a second production shift to meet the growing demands after which it also plans to export the car to South Africa initially.
  8. Hyundai Domestic sales up by 18.9% - First half registers a growth of 29 % New Delhi, July 1, 2010: Hyundai Motor India Ltd, the country
  9. Honda Motors sales: New Delhi, July 1, 2010: Honda Siel Cars India Ltd, leading manufacturer of Premium Cars in India sold 4595 units in the month of June
  10. Tata motors June sales as below: Passenger Vehicles The passenger vehicles business reported a total sale and distribution offtake of 29,948 nos. (27,811 Tata + 2,137 Fiat) in the domestic market in June 2010, a 53% increase compared to 19,513 nos. (17,039 Tata + 2,474 Fiat) in June last year. Sales of Tata passenger vehicles were 27,811 nos., a growth of 63% over June 2009. Sales of the Tata Nano were 7,704 nos. The Indica range sales were 9,003 nos., lower by 12% over June last year. The Indigo range recorded sales of 7,502 nos., a growth of 113% over June last year. The Sumo/Safari range accounted for sales of 3,602 nos., higher by 9% over June last year
  11. M&M sold 27562 vehicles in June 2010 against 22999 in June 2009 a 20% groth YOY.
  12. Thanks but remains to be seen how many people pay that much in India for brand Fiat and that too for super hatch.
  13. More details. The sales figures for June 2010 are given below: Segment Models In June Till June April'09 - March'10 2010 2009 % Change 2010-11 2009-10 % Change A1 M800 2090 2438 -14.3% 6906 7119 -3.0% 33028 C Omni, versa, Eeco* 9914 6890 43.9% 33521 22233 50.8% 101325 A2 Alto, Wagon-R, Estilo, Swift, Ritz*, A-Star 51418 46156 11.4% 170513 146733 16.2% 633190 A3 SX4, D'zire 8081 6099 32.5% 28958 19947 45.2% 99315 Total Passenger Cars 71503 61583 16.1% 239898 196032 22.4% 866858 MUV Gypsy, Grand Vitara* 1309 190 588.9% 2989 1383 116.1% 3932 Domestic 72812 61773 17.9% 242887 197415 23.0% 870790 Export 15279 13336 14.6% 40437 29314 37.9% 147575 Total Sales 88091 75109 17.3% 283324 226729 25.0% 1018365 *Ritz was launched in May 2009, Grand Vitara was launched in Jul 2009, Eeco was launched in Jan 2010.
  14. Maruti Suzuki sales in June 2010 New Delhi, July 01, 2010 Car market leader Maruti Suzuki India Limited sold a total of 88,091 vehicles in June 2010. This includes 15,279 units for export. The company had sold a total of 75,109 vehicles in June 2009. Maruti Suzuki
  15. Naren thats great but what is the use since we will not be getting one ?
  16. I checked new Wagon R and its much more spacious than earlier model. The seats are bigger and thai support is better than before. Vxi's interior is very good than Lxi.
  17. Hey Hersh congrats on your new car, Do you live around Vasant kunj ? because I saw this color car few days back in temple in B5-6. Any way detailed review of your car's feel is required for me as I am also planinng to buy new car.
  18. Whatever was falling earlier was because of faulty Glue and noone compaining now that anything is falling. My friends Santro has rettling sound since he bought it, despite repeated visit to HASS they are unable to solve his problem. Lot of people has complained about i20 AC but HASS says its like that no solution till now. Therefore singling out one company will not solve the problem but we should voice our concern for all the manufacturers, so we have better products from all.
  19. Service Center Name : Tafe Access Address : 1601 Trichy Road Coimbatore, Tamilnadu Pincode :641018 Contact Details : Phone No : 0422-2303318 / 23033 Mobile No : 9344831130 Fax No :0422-4347001 Email : I think you should call Tafe for parts and their price as they are the only authorized Tata-Fiat center there. Service Center Name : Tafe Access Address : 1601 Trichy Road Coimbatore, Tamilnadu Pincode :641018 Contact Details : Phone No : 0422-2303318 / 23033 Mobile No : 9344831130 Fax No :0422-4347001 Email :
  20. Who knows which car will get better resell in near future ? This is not a criteria to buy a car.
  21. It enhances the overall looks and nothing else so, choice is yours.