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  1. If you are so adament on petrol, and if you can wait for some 4-5 months, you can enjot Punto TJet. I wont suggest the regular Punto 1.4 as I feel this is not as good as MJD Bala I don't like diesel and not sure when will Tjet will be introduced in Punto. 3.) Ford Figo : Latest and well-built. It has features comparable to Punto or even more and at a price much less. Ford's ass has improved ages. So this could be an option worth looking for, and Nissan's micra is almost here, which could also prove to be a worthy machine. I was very interested in Figo but after test drive, cut it off my list, its very slow and FE is very low. It doesn't look good either though it has good space inside and ride and handling is very good.
  2. Thanks Creative Bala, you cleared most of my doubts, I don't like diesel car, my running is only 500km per month. BornFree2010-06-19 19:02:58
  3. Post deleted ModBornFree2010-06-19 19:01:12
  4. Post deleted. Note from Mod: No personal comments from now on. All members are free to express their views till they are civil & confirm to the forum rules & regulations.BornFree2010-06-19 18:57:10
  5. The above post is for rahul 1810, I can't edit the post because there is no edit button.
  6. Don't you read that i20's Ac is nothing but crap above 40 degree temp. Don't read that i20's steering nothing to talk about. Do you think Punto has less equipments ? and how ? Streets are not as narrower than your thinking is. I meant that I didn't want sedan but not a match stick also. I see here few people behave like they are hyundai's agent. Thats why this thread. One of the biggest is as you all know ? If you can't digest my buying Fiat keep away from my thread let others speak. Please anyone wants to suggest me hyundai keep away.
  7. I can manage large turning radius and plastics are now better than before, nothing falling. Anything alse you want to add ?
  8. But what is wrong in Punto, why can't you suggest that ?
  9. Thanks Cartoos, i like your choice of car. Waiting for other most active members for their views.
  10. Thanks Jacksons and Winner48. Polo is way too expensive and less in equipment and also its plain jane looks put me off.