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  1. TAFE Bangalore have offered me 50 K flat discount on TSI but no leather seats etc. He said he spoke to mumbai dealer and found that the 80k discount was attibuted to the new price (increase by some 25k) that will be in effect from Jan 2010. Thats a bull sh*t story he is building up. Earlier he had said 40K discount + leather seats. Now he claims he did not mention leather seats. Thats pissing me off. More so i dont like their posturing attitute. Getting a glimpse of what folks have been crying aloud about skoda dealers' apathetic attitude. Iam quite sure the A.S.S too will suck. Anyway, we have now decided against a new car for now. Will wait till SUV gets delivered later next year. power and others.. Thanks for the support.
  2. i thought it came as 4x4. Is it not so?any idea how much it will cost?
  3. @power I thought it was good deal for 85k discount on TSI. Can you find out from your dad's friend if that can be offered in bangalore?
  4. Spark is real VFM. Looks like Beat will be the talk of the country starting Jan 2010. i10 is good car but it has light body. Its like having a cardboard wrapped around chasis. I saw a bike tearing its bumber like a cardboard. Go for one with stronger body like Swift that you can safely use on highway too.
  5. by default, O/D is ON. Leave it always ON for your normal use. Turn O/D OFF only if you need more thrust while overtaking at high speed. After you overtake turn it ON again.
  6. @power How does the arrival of vRS affect your decision? You have anyway decided upon TDI instead of 1.8 TSI. 2.0 TSI will be more powerful, priced high and will consume more fuel than 1.8. I think the only decision you should worry about is skoda migrating to the more advanced Common rail engine for its cars in india. VW, Skoda, Audi all are phasing out the TDi engines for CRi engines in Europe. So if that happens in india within next 2 years, the TDI resale may fall heavily. On the contrary 1.8 TSI is latest petrol engine and will continue to stay even if skoda/VW roll out new cars with 2.0 TSI and 1.4 TSI. I feel 1.8 will be perfect blend of power and FE for use in India. Still we dont have too many takers for it. Surprising!
  7. Congrats on your new one. Welcome to Fiesta fraternity. No wonder after all the detailed TDs you converged on Fiesta. Its one of the best for driving. As far as tyres, the stock MRF isnt good for sure. You can go for 14" alloys. I am not sure about 15". But i wd not suggest too wider tyres from the stock 175, because the steering is bit harder than other cars. Enjoy your drive!
  8. Octavia in India is based on A4 platform while Laura comes on A5. I thought the Octavia came with 1.9TDI 90 bhp engine while Laura comes with 1.9TDI-PD 100 bhp engine. Prominent among other changes are independent rear suspensions. @power can you reply to my query on discount on TSI plz?
  9. firstly, iam not anti-honda or pro-any manuf. ... Nor did I say Chevy is a contender to take on Honda... Its my feeling and so are many others that Honda cars are priced premium than what they deserve. And it is rightly to do so to match the demand and book profits. All i said is folks pay premium on City beyond it being a better product. So what parameters are those.. can you explain why (other than city) Honda cars are nowhere close to segment top-seller? You wont find many folks saying same about Toyota. Toyata is clear winner. Its right time they come with a car to take on City. And only they can do so.. maybe VW is next closest bet (with stakes in Suzuki ).. Next move from Toyota should be Altis Diesel (to seal top spot in the segment) and a smaller car to take on City.
  10. So for TDI you are getting: 1) Flat discount of 40K 2) Leather seats + wooden panel + xenon lights + Gps for 60K How much flat discount was offered to you for TSI? I am in bengaluru. Let me know if your friendly dealer can extend his friendliness upto here.
  11. @power can you clearly specify what offer you are getting on 1.9 TDI ambiente and TSI ambiente. Are you adding the accesories from the dealer or from outside? Be cautious if get it done from outside, adding xenon lamps to ambiente may void your warranty. I checked with Skoda folks. What they offered me is the following: TSI - free insurance (amounting to some 40k) + leather seats (stanley) +teflon coat+other small accesories(mud flaps,mats etc) TDI - flat 25k instead of free insurance. Rest all same as TSI offer. I was told the stanley leather seats would cost 40K+. If thats true, then its a decent offer.
  12. I dont use the car much. My family members use it. I had earlier noticed a FE of 9+ with 50% AC on. 12-13 is v good for AT. Folks report those kind of figures only for MT. So maintain you car the same way.
  13. The thread was started with intent of choosing the best of the 3 by also inferring the resale value from sales figures. see below. So our discussion is as per context.