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  1. This topic is amusing!! Automobile companies spend millions of bucks designing safety for vehicles, this manifests itself in the form of crumple zones, high tensile structural members etc. However, the customer pot of ignorance fits a bull bar or the like to protect him/her vehicle against dents or for looks putting their own life's in danger and pouring all the engineering for safety into the drain!! Hope our folks wake up to the fact that OEM's have launched a vehicle after a lot of trials and tests and going with this would be just fine for their lives as well as that of others
  2. Hi, While this is not to dispute what your feedback has provided you, please be clear that a car owner is in a mid of 'Cognitive Dissonance ' he/she is trying to justify their investment and so are likely to give a positive feedback. Fabia is a great choice, but remember that the consumables usually out weigh the cost of the car. So ask 1.What is the running cost of the car? 2. What is the regular maintenance cost ? 3. The Cost of common spares ( Bumper, tail lamps, head Lamps, suspension, and OVRMs) If you have already checked all of thisbefore taking the decision...I wish you a very pleasant and memorable, safe and happy driving experience
  3. Hi Folks, I too 'am evaluating an SX4 and I was told by a dealer sales person in Bangalore that Sx4 is likely to release a new version in October, ther are likely to changes in the engine as well as the interiors I was informed. Maybe you would care to authenticate this Regards
  4. Hi Nim12esh, I fully agree with you, I joined this forum only today, coming from an automotive world ; I have come across some threads that have inputs which indicate the lack of knowledge of the fundamentals, but guess that is OK, we can bring folks up to speed, you really should not quit Regards
  5. Hi, for the Safari Dicor 2,2 , the turbo kicks in at about 2000RPM and that is when you have a surge of power, to my mind this is what you are experiencing, so I do not see a cause for you to worry if this is mild. However going by my friends who have had problem s before with this Beast, have the service center check on your clutch plates- premature wear is not too uncommon
  6. Hi Satya, SX4 has a lot of Glass area, V-cool is good, but expensive, if you are not about to spend that kind of money try Garware or 3M and insist on scratch resistant variety, go to an accessory shop you know as one can easily be duped into inferior stuff and get charged a bomb. As for the rubber coating, you really don't require that if you are in Bangalore.