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  1. < ="Content-" content="text/; charset=utf-8">< name="ProgId" content="Word.">< name="Generator" content="Microsoft Word 11">< name="Originator" content="Microsoft Word 11"><> I own a Hero Honda CBZ, model 2002, 36000km on the odo, I regularly checked the engine oil. It reduces 100ml or more after I run 200km and also was leaving black smoke out of the silencer; i went to an expert HH (Hero Honda) mechanic. He advice me to go for engine overhaul work, I mean new piston, crank, shaft, bearing, clutch plates, spark plug etc etc. Then all the work is done now with new spares. The expenses went up to 11000rs....rest of the things r fine but m not satisfied with the engine oil, smoothness and gets hot soon. I used recommended Hero Honda 4T engine oil till now but now have no faith in HH engine oil. After spending so much money i want to put good engine oil not HH. I m confused and worried abt my engine and duplicate engine oils. So Can u plz recommend me some good engine oil and some other suggestions....i inquired with an authorized engine oil dealer he said CASTROL is the best!!! what is ur opinion abt 1. CASTROL POWER 1,Castrol Activ SAE 20W40 or Castrol Activ Xtra SAE 20W50 or 2. MOBIL 1. or 3.YAMAHA LUBE
  2. hi sudeep...its grt to c ur msg really kool regrding cbz milage.. i own a cbz 02 model, 36000 km.often checked the engine oil..it wld reduce 100ml or more after i run 200km.thn i went a xpert mech..he adviced me to do engine work i mean new piston,crank,shaft,bearring,clutch plates etc etc.. n now that m not stisfied with the engine sound n..it vibrates, gears r not smooth n get hot very soon also milage is dropped to 35kmpl b4 it was 45kmpl...n initially the engine is smooth when i run it some 5 to 10 km....it starts vibrating....so can u plz recommend me some good engine oil and some other suggestions....from which i can make my cbz smoother..... rgrds.....