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  1. Waiting for the oriental india insurance, also i donno how to mention the reason, whether they will accept or not. Still now, the car is not yet touched by the servicemen, waiting for the insurance people to come and take a photograph. / I totally agree with you all, Safe driving is must and deep from the heart iam saying it.

  2. TSI@ I was doing 140kph just 2mins before that, but when i reached the crowd area i minimized to 100kmph. Fron the long run itself i dim-dipped my headlight several times for taking this gap, donno what this stupid fello had think about, he never gave me a lane and dramatically increased his speed by cutting the gear. If i had changed from the RH to LH, he would have been thrown away atleast for some meters . Thats why applied the brake, in pumping method, but too never worked out. It was like a english movie, i went inside to the truck"s A*s and cameout like a junkyard car. lol. A nice experiance, and the most fun is, the truck driver still never know what was happened, and he just continued going like a duet singer.. ;)dineshzma1162011-07-19 04:56:19

  3. Unlucky day in my life.( IT WAS a heavy RAIN )

    Travelling from chennai towards chenglepet(at 12.30 midnight), speed was 100kmph, and just watch the explained pictures below. Hope, members will be carefull with the stupids after seeing this and also esp while raining....




    Now this is the real picture of my car:





    dineshzma1162011-07-18 16:29:02

  4. Do not use the imageshack.us for embedding the cars/bikes images in our site. They have changed the rule for our country and we need to be logged in at imageshack.us in order to view their pics or links wherever we posted by using their url. Some of our forum"s pics are no more avail now...
    Use some other "picture uploading sites" in further.


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    sgiitk2011-02-23 10:59:51

  5. Yamaha to enter the 250cc bike segment


    Yamaha's 250cc bike is coming

    Reports suggest that Yamaha will launch a new 250cc bike in India this year. The upcoming bike is expected to be from the FZ series and it will carry a price tag of around Rs. 1.75 lakhs to Rs. 2 lakhs.

    The upcoming bike will be loaded with a single cylinder fuel injected 250 cc engine along with liquid cooling and it will be capable of generating 24 bhp. The bike is expected to come with dual disc brake, anti-lock braking system (ABS), alloy wheels and an adjustable mono-shock at the rear.

    The new bike will feature a sporty and an attractive design, according to its probable design it might fall in the naked-bike category in terms of looks. The bike will have wider tyres to enhance the control and grip for the safety of the rider.

    The Yamaha 250cc bike is expected to be launched around Diwali this year.

  6. Not much impressive. He had hitted the car around 3times at the wall during drifting but smoke covered those moments. Also at many points, he drifted the car so early. They meant to burnout the tyre without exeeding the drawned Lapzone. But it is easy to BURNOUT those rubber fully at the half of the Circuit itself. -wink- Anyways, should also appreciate on the otherhand.


  7. Heard, Kizashi has launched. I would prefer it only for its BHP. Nothing else, well i can get the same if i tune the Laura or superb. I dont think the car will meet the succesive level. I remember Maruthi"s Baleno here, which was launched at the wrong time/country/people. Because we Indians are always different than a Japanese std or European std either.

  8. Creativebala@ Chennai peoples are not knowing the value of vintage cars. Too i have seen many rare/old days cars at the roadside dusts without using.

    Also last day i saw one Amby 1960-70"s model. TMX registered, I tried to catch the fella by overtaking, how miracle he has gone till 120kmph speed. Wondered , the power/acceleration of  that car really taught me manything regarding our old skool days of  india. :)

  9. I would suggest our indian makers to have a look at Toyota"s Hilux and chevy"s pickups before launching someother pick-up vehicles in india@future.


    Toyota HIlux( Toyota Fortuner is the concept of this Hilux/ strange truth!)






    Nissan(X-trail mode)



    Everything is having a professional look, also a descent vehicles for families too. Two seater/Four seater are avail depend upon the customer"s need.

    They could have furnished the Xylo pickup atleast with some curvacious Tail ends and back portions same like these Kings, eventhough price doesnt matter if they give us the Updated models. Otherwise Indians would prefer TATA Ace rather than Xylo pick up anyday. They collapsed the model of our xylo concept pickup-Bang-
    dineshzma1162011-01-28 23:45:56