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  1. i already owned karizma-R and yamaha r-15. next is iam aiming to buy the king of all bikes i.e suzuki HAYABUSA.
  2. dear mates. i have daewoo cielo(1998 model) , and it has been modified in outlook like a rally sport. but, i dont have knowledge about engine and anyother mechanical specification. now, i want to upgrade its performance atleast for street racing. what are all the parts should i bought to upgrade its performance... and i dont know any of its dimensional size in mechanical division... so tell me what should i do for upgrading its performance. atpresent iam in saudi, so i will buy gud parts than india if u mention some.(WHAT ARE ALL THE PARTS NEEDED? )
  3. friends, i have yamaha r15 in chennai. now, i want to upgrade its performance to go more fastest by replacing some of the parts with the pro racing parts. but, needed ur helps that wich parts should i make todo this. atpresent iam in saudi, so i can buy better than india"s avail parts. so tell me guys. and specify the dimensions for those parts coz i never had knowledge about buying such parts.