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  1. Happynews for the Android users. Now you can use the Free Gmaps with Voice guidance/ Turn-by-Turn guidance/ Street view/etc... Hope,oneday all the other mobiles will be getting the same chance sooner. NOTE: Currently available only for the ANDROID OS.
  2. Explored the chennai city with my R15. Great old days memory. I miss my bahrain track races. Noticed Toyota"s Prius at the Anna Nagar. Car is looking awesome except the backside view. Backview is giving me the assumption of "DRAGCARS". Good night ACI
  3. ATV tyres are damn cheap and Superior Quality at Saudi Arabia. Try to import,satisfaction is guarenteed and also VFM. Better ask any of your friends to bring.Do Not tryout Indian products on these issue. dineshzma1162011-01-28 16:44:58
  4. Chevrolet to launch Camaro muscle car in India 28/01/11 Chevrolet Camaro at 2010 Delhi Auto Expo A leading Indian daily has reported that General Motors will launch the iconic Camaro in India this year. The Camaro which shot to fame thanks the Transformer movie franchise is an American muscle car which is known for its bold appearance and affordable pricing. In India however the two-door car will attract 110% import duty and would thus cost upwards of Rs. 30 lakh. Nonetheless the muscular Camaro is bound to find many takers and will be Chevrolet
  5. Govind@ Cielo spare parts are unavailable in chennai. Also the car is not worthble morethan 20 to 30 thousand rupees, whatever the condition is. Forget your dream. The car"s engine is having much more problem, CNG endorsed cielo is famous for bursting. Not advisable totally.
  6. The car looks good/ I love the steering!
  7. I too thinking the same, let us see. If we get it to the car service station, will they help us?
  8. Volvo is famous for its Safety. Also i dont think the resale value is good because we Indians are not much poplular about Volvo engines. Go for the Leading Q7 dude. Also Merc works better. If mid budget, then Outlander plays good role too.
  9. We get Blackberry Storm2 touch screen phone for 17,000RS in Customs/Bazar.(chennai). The showroom price is two times higher than this. But Andriod phones rules more nowadays.
  10. Watched discovery the last month. Have seen the Bio-fueld car/ electric car/ and solar car. Electric car impressed me a lot/ it takes only less electricity for charging. Also they told "We can use the car"s battery for our whole house for getting electricity throughout the night. I like these kind of ideas a lot. Also they do maximum performance while comparing with the petrol cars.
  11. Design the wooferbox like this if you want maximum pressure and Bass effect with the help of two Woofers!
  12. I remember those days when daewoo ruled out the city. We have cielo still in our house.
  13. My friend has Karizma-ZMR yellow. One month older bike, GOOD looking and fantastic handling. The idling speed of the engine seems 1200rpm at the neutral. The bike sounds/vibrates at its idling speed due to the excess of idling speed. The mechanic guy said "It is build-up of sensor, so we cannot make changes in the idling adjustments". Is this true dudes? I have not yet checked the specs of the engine and new features of ZMR. Plz answer if possible or not?
  14. The subwoofer is designed for making the "Bass" with the help of its woofer box"s design and its inner space. It creates Air pressure for making good result along with the sound. But mounting it on the Deck is really not advisable/ also it wont make any Bass. There are several types of woofers avail at the market that can be mounted onto the deck. Do check and proceed further.
  15. 10k is for the total work including finishing/painting/fixing. @govind, arun. They will replace your headlight kit/ and the side bumper from your old pulsar.
  16. I got 2009Honda City for 6lakh. This is a bit high/ But normal on the otherhand. Try for Verna, You can get 6months vehicle for 6lakh.
  17. Post the foreign Bikes and Cars pictures. These friends are from Hyderabad [/url] dineshzma1162011-01-20 09:44:27
  18. Added the sunroof and calling it as "The new Civic". Really waste of time. They could have been mentioned it, by adding it to the higher version. But launch and invitations are not worthble for this minor changes.
  19. Etios is having the batch. Dont insert Camry in this story. Remember that you are purchasing the Toyota"s lowest price edition vehicle ever in the universe. But in india, Fiesta is one of the Mid sized luxuries sedan , but it Ford"s mid priced car in india. You are comparing "Toyota"s cheapest ver. with the Ford"s mid Ranged ver.". This itself proved the victory of Toyota Etios. Also keep in mind that you are talking about the 5.5lakh sedan, so do not expect morethan your pocket size. If capable to spend more, then you will not be Complainted about Etios by comparing with Vento/Fiesta etc...
  20. Mitsubishi Global Small Car Concept Mitsubishi has released the first image its new
  21. Smoking the headlight is basically not recommended. We can make our car even more attractive without making these funny clips. Otherwise., we should be the victim of unsafety driving. Smoking the Tailportion is somewhat acceptable.
  22. Because, Cielo is a 1997model. Moreover The car is kept not used recently.
  23. Lancer diesel in chennai. (My car) Guess the car!!!(my car) It is Daewoo Cielo -dinesh
  24. ACI members@ Iam using several vehicles in my house. But not attached with anyother vehicle so far, except my Lancer. I am really loving it day by day more due to its outstanding Handling/speed/luxury/safety. The details of my car: Mitsubishi Lancer Glx-D. 2000year model/80,000kms done. Diesel version/ Deep purple in colour/ Serviced periodically & Maintained. Actually the recent days iam facing some kind of technical problems, also lots of disappointment. As the car is manufactured on 2000year, I need to compromise with some of these sudden changes, but still my heart declines to move on with these type of unexpected changes. My car"s Engine is still working good and no problem with the Performance/handling wise. From the Last 7months, the front suspensions are feeling harder day by day and now it is totally Poor. Due to not attended this prob by the time, now Ball joint problem too found with shocking sad heart. My car is just 67bhp vehicle with Non-Turbo. But still Iam doing fine with it by doing more 170kmph speed and sometimes more higher. But the car has Diesel pump nozzle block problem which leads to the low mileage(10kmpl). Hand brake is not enough powerfull, also brake is less(even@new rotor/pads). Also me having some idea to modify the performance later. Now iam expecting your replies regarding: 1) Which suspension i should buy and tell me the price/guarenteed! 2) Replacing the nozzle/ or overhauling the diesel pump nozzle! 3) Should i replace the diesel pump with BOSCH pump? for getting newer performance. 4) I am in a plan to increase the Performance/Speed later by adding Muffler & ECU, Airfilter.. 5) Is there Aftermarket Parts avail in Indian market for this model? I NEED MY CAR BACK WITH THE UPDATED "PERFORMANCE AND Royality". Thanks in advance, -dinesh