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  1. I thought you were doing comparison between evo and civic. But no matter if it is about "lancer" vs civic. Also i heard, Galant is gonna be discontinued soon and shortly.
  2. 1.4 lakh to 1.5lakh is the perfect price quote for this specifications you have mentioned. But 1.65 is totally not advisable. Iam having a 2005baleno in my garage. Fully loaded but 2nd owner., with 50,000kms done. Nothing morethan i can except morethan 1.8lakh, even it is in mint condition. Challenging exteriors and interiors too.
  3. Sarabh@ Went through your pics and post. Nice work and interest dude. Me too a damn extreme car lover., But you would marry ferrari.., But iam Lancer evo. anyways., keep posting your works dude. And i feel happy to see if you can post your cars all together. -dinesh
  4. tejasmehta990 @ sorry dude. Just for an info. LAncer Evo X(new lancer) is 3times costlier than the cars you have mentioned. Also its performance are far far far better and best than the CiviC.You can Compare only BMW series and AUDI,BENZ.., with this Lancer. Do check youtube videos for further comparison. And google it for knowing its feautures.
  5. The word "Mitsubishi" really melts my heart forever.It has every kind of vehicles including 4*4 Rally sedan and SUV with the top most feauture. I bet even BMW sucks when comparing with the handling of LANCER EVOLUTION X.I think,the re-launch of our old lancer(petrol/diesel but with turbo) itself enough to takeoff every maunfacturer from the indian market. Also it has to stop the pajero.And needs to sell the Outlander with the same cost as Endeavour. And Hatch back like Suzuki Swift will help Mitsu a lot instead of trying to make ugly design like "Nano sized cars". Iam expecting some Equivalent model same as the swift, from the mitsubishi but with the power. If my dream comes true. And oneday we Indians will be happily saying Bye Bye to the swift too. Because, "Product Matters".
  6. Me noticed one odd feauture at every Honda cars. All of them having 45degree inclination (bonnet+Windshield). They concentrating on speed+mileage. But speed plays the first role.
  7. 250watts two 4inch speakers(Kenwood). Enough for a normal music. Go for a four speakers with two 250watts., and two 200 watts speakers for a little maximum rough use. Use subwoofer and sub-amp for getting punch bass....
  8. Yes you are correct. It dpepnds on the material quality and quantity. Model doesnt matter.If you want to change the total fairing kit likewise Pulsar to Cbr or Pulsar to R15. It will cost a little bit much. But not morethan 7-10,000
  9. Bugatti Renaissance Concept According to a report by U.K
  10. Happy Sankranthi, Lohri and pongal@ ACI members creativebala@ Are you going there machi.
  11. As like bala said. Pudupet is the best for modding any kinda vehicles. What kinda mods you want to do. Fairing kit? . I have modded my Karizma-R with a cbr-600 fairing kit. veryy cheap. Contact me for any further details.
  12. This is the odd design ., even SLR looks same as this. New designs would help merc a better.
  13. Hai ragav. Welcome to the forum. Me too have reached chennai just recently(before 2years) from Saudi/dubai. Same like your situation but now familiar with indian traffic rules and lifestyle. Our motherland rocks always., keep enjoying in india. -dinesh
  14. Hatchback is the original design of the civic, later on we have attached the boot space along with it. (likewise swift to swift dzire) Moreover,this new civic is looking 90% similar to the honda city v-tec in the front look, and back portion assumes the view of camry.
  15. Kawasaki Z750. It has been one of the most successful entry-level super bikes with middle weight chassis and ? liter inline-4 engine (750cc). It is a beast with exotic sharp looks and powerful, wild character. In this year
  16. Volkswagen has unveiled their next-gen Passat but can it take on the Accord, Camry & Superb? After the Jetta its Volkswagen
  17. New Civic caught testing in Dubai. Keep posting!
  18. Examined my lancer fully. Gonna do some custom mods sooner.
  19. Is this looking good or bad? Honda has taken the covers off its next-generation Civic concept at the ongoing Detroit Motor Show. The concept will become the ninth generation Civic sedan when it launches later this year. While the current Civic still looks modern and cutting edge in terms of exterior and interior styling, the new Civic concept just tweaks the design and aims to keep the car fresh for the next few years. The front of the new Civic has become more aggressive thanks to a new grille, headlamps and bumper. Honda seems to have gone wrong the new Civic
  20. Note from Mod: Avoid posting useless replies. BornFree2011-01-10 16:29:26
  21. Rki@ i think it is "HUM" "Hindustan"s Unique/Universal Model"- a seperate path. funny
  22. Hyundai Verna is turbo charged diesel car with descent mileage and ideal for family usage too.
  23. Hai arun. Baleno is the best for your idea. 100bhp engine which was spefically launched to beat the City and Lancer. You can get baleno for the cheaper price., I am having a car dealership office also I am doing every kinda car mods. Me having one Baleno for the cheap price. checkout the auto trader section for the pics here, otherwise call me to my num after connecting to my private inbox. Note from Mod: Use Capital letters where required. BornFree2011-01-09 17:40:11
  24. Local muffler cans cost 2500-3500rs in Chennai. I don't about Hyd. Check it out. Note from Mod: Post in proper English. BornFree2011-01-09 17:38:07
  25. Tried my uncle"s fiat punto. Everything nice., But the steering wheel is made up of a non-sense fibre which makes us to feel hurt after some distance. I would sugesst all the punto drivers to change this "hard fibre" into a rubber made wheels or atleast velvet covered wheels for the grip and friendly use... Apart from this., planning for some vacational tour.