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  1. You can go for Chevy CRUZE. Laura is luxuries problamatic machine. Hope DIESEL ROCKET would help you better in all the ways. -dinesh (always the racer wins atlast)
  2. It reminds me the shape of Valvo. Now BMW suv at the affordable price range. cheers! -dinesh (always the racer wins atlast)
  3. It has the market only due to its saloon and stretched type cars. Not all the luxury lovers will go for SUV. Only 20% of the people will buy SUV for the luxury, the other 80% percent will be looking out for the saloon types. Thats called the real "Show Off". -dinesh (always the racer wins atlast)
  4. Bought PLAYSTATION2 , and playing BURNOUT paradise Car racing game, GOD OF THE WAR, Mummy returns and Undercover. -dinesh kumar
  5. I have yamaha R15. My bike tyre was punctured(2puncture) on june2010. Till now i didnt get it to the puncture shop, and i will top the air for every week once. Still now i didnt cure it because my tyre level is already bad , as i need to change the tyre soon.And the imp thing is, if you run the vehicle usually, we can manage, if we stop the vehicle(punctured) at the idle(say: house), it will decrease to the 0psi immd or maybe sooner. All that depends on the tyre pressure and air escape level@the idle mode(engine off mode). -dinesh (always the racer wins atlast) dineshzma1162010-12-22 20:35:39
  6. But if you purchase the new car, it will be cheaper in chennai comparing to Mumbai. The angle of peoples mind are diff in both the cities dude. In mumbai, peoples will be jumping from car A to car B after certain period of using it. But chennai, a person will use the car till some major prob raises or he is in apetite of buying or upgrading into next car. Also financial status of each city is different. -dinesh (always the racer wins atlast)
  7. The Stock wagan-R (Lpg varient) is the best which comes first in my mind. The second one is Santro, descent maruthi hatch backs. -dinesh (always the racer wins atlast)
  8. I donno whats the purpose of A.C when having freeflow air technology? lols, i.e environmental air. I would like to choose the one for the off-roading. But our indian real estate peoples are arleady occupying every off-roads, side roads, top roads blah blah. haha. Its the border oppurtunity for us if we wana enjoy atleast some gravel roading before they construct the buildings. -dinesh- (always the racer wins atlast) dineshzma1162010-12-22 05:17:08
  9. SEE, Laura is not a recommended vehicle personally from my side. Around 8 to 10 friends of mine"s are having laura in india and ARAB regn. One of my friend"s laura was sold out within 4000kms itself. Probs will raise depend upon your luck level. But it is clearly mentioined that it is a problemfull vehicle. Otherwise your own wish dude. Iam not blaming every pieces of laura, but my point is most of the pieces are raising complaints from its owners sooner and somebody later. -dinesh (always the racer wins atlast)
  10. Now it works fine with the gmap including navigation. but no voice guidance.
  11. Do not go for laura. It has many probs which should be rectified soon. All my friends are worried with its drawbacks later regarding ac probs etc. Go for CIVIC. -dinesh (always the racer wins atlast)
  12. But according to me, maruthi"s victory does not belong to its own. All the credits goes to the SUZUKI. But hope, maruthi will rule the india oneday with own models". -dinesh (always the racer wins atlast) dineshzma1162010-12-21 10:15:50
  13. Some Tips For Getting A Great Deal On A Used Car You can get an excellent deal on a used car with a lot of life left in it if you're willing to put some effort into the search process and take a few precautions along the way. Here's what you do.. You can get an excellent deal on a used car with a lot of life left in it if you're willing to put some effort into the search process and take a few precautions along the way. One of the main keys to getting an excellent deal on a used car is to buy from a party more interested in getting rid of or replacing the used car than interested in making a profit off it. Most of the time getting an excellent deal on a used car means not buying from a used car dealer, except when the dealer has had a particular car on the lot for a very long time. Tip #1: Consider Used Cars From Rental Agencies A lot of people recommend not buying a used car from rental agencies. They believe people who rent cars treat them poorly. But, that may not be good advice. While renters have been known to treat rental cars poorly, it does not happen often. Further, rental agency used cars' engines are usually maintained better than privately owned cars as they are put through constant maintenance during use. Tip #2: Look Online For Used Cars The used cars that you see advertised in the newspaper are a small sample of the number of used cars available throughout the INDIA. This is mainly due to geographical limitations. Newspapers and other periodicals with classified ads serve a market within limited geography. Search for used cars online at sites.. You will likely find a better deal on a great used car since you have many more from which to choose. Tip #3: Get A Vehicle History Report If you are buying a used car, you must get a history report on that vehicle. If you fail to get the history, you could be buying a car that has any number of serious issues that could come back to haunt you. This is the only way to find out if a car has been in a major accident, sustained irreparable damage due to flooding, frame damage, leaks, etc. Tip #4: Consider Buying From A Private Party Many people buy used cars from car dealers. But, there are many great deals waiting in the driveways of private sellers. Often, you can get a better deal by buying a used car from a private party than a dealer because there is no middleman involved in the transaction. That way, you will know the history of the car, its true value and any room you may have to negotiate. Finally, don't be hesitant to pay a mechanic to look over the car for you before you make your purchase decision. The mechanic may not see everything, but he will be able to pick out things you wouldn't pick out. A clean bill of health from a mechanic is not a guarantee, but it is really the best way to certify that you have gotten an excellent deal on a used car. -Dinesh (always the racer wins atlast)
  14. HONDA is planning about ACCORD DIESEL and CR-V DIESEL. but CITY is doubtfull. May be soon they will inform regarding this. -dinesh (always the racer wins atlast) dineshzma1162010-12-21 09:53:40
  15. Usually this problem will raise to the moderate drivers. i.e drivers with sudden speed, and sudden slow. But optra is not that good in mileage, my friend"s optra is giving just 7kmpl mileage which is far lesser than you. 1) Also this prob will happen due to the block in injecter valves. Try to clean and replace the blocked injecters. We experianced the same prob one old honda city which gave us 6kmpl mileage., after the injector was cleaned now it is giving 13kmpl mileage. Only two things should be the reason. one is your driving attitute, and another is the injector block. (but too, keep in mind that optra is not a FE car). So there is only less chances for the fuel blocks too. -dinesh (always the racer wins atlast)
  16. Likewise suzuki"s swift, hyundai" santa fe, toyota"s camry,.. Peugeot 407 is the everlasting and only best best car from its maufacturer as long as i have seen. Also it is one of the best rally car dude., aweseome roadgrip and fabulous performance. Dont waste this piece forever dude.. -dinesh (always the racer wins atlast)
  17. lols, sorry for the misconception@bala. But increasing the rim width will spoil the small cars like ritz, astar right?. coz the front wheel portion is only for the small turning radius., which the big one will result in "body touch". Correct me if my guess is wrong.
  18. Played adventural island T.V video game. Cant proceed more than area:7 round:1 . lols good night mates. -dinesh |(always the racer wins atlast)
  19. ETIOS is mainly for the mid range car buyers. DZIRE is not that cheap or least comparing with the etios. But etios will be sold out to the TRAVEL agencies, CALL TAXIs and every mid range buyers. TOYOTA batch is having 1000x valuable and having guts than the suzu or tata too. And satisfaction is always endless from the product of toyota. -dinesh (always the racer wins atlast)
  20. You can get a used ENDEAVOUR 4x4 with good condition. If new, then you have to increase your bid for getting a sucessfull maunfacturer piece. Gypsy is out of fasion
  21. watch at the auto-traders section. you can see the car at my thread@yash. (baleno for sale) no more car discussions here plz
  22. lols. vash@ Baleno is the top performance vehicle among 1.6litre engines. There is no vehicle borned in india still now to beat baleno at the sprint races among 1.6category. It can beat honda city and lancer at the performance. -dinesh (always the racer wins atlast)
  23. Everything will be looking perfect at the TATA cars during its new condition. After 4years, INNOVA will be remaining same in the performance and satisfaction, which the TATA products will be failed at this. lols-hard truth- -dinesh (always the racer wins atlast)
  24. You can upgrade you rim size for 1" which will never make any drawback, but do not increase the width of your rim which is 80. -dinesh (always the racer wins atlast)