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  1. Can you please tell me which car is a good option if I want to buy a car with automatic transmission? Please make sure that any of the car mentioned is not more than 8-9lacs. Also, it will be helpful if you tell me why you prefer one car over the other options. Thank you.
  2. Honda is a huge brand but still it realises that customers won’t buy their products unless they offer pleasing after sales services along with their aggressive marketing strategies. It understands that every market has different set of needs and expectations for their vehicle so Honda has intelligently modified each of its models to the requirements of Indian youth; this adoption helps tap the potential clientage. Honda is a global brand which understands that customers won’t take the pain to chase a service centre all across the city so it has created a whole web consisting of huge number of service centres all across the country, and multiple centres in huge metropolis like Delhi, which alone has more 6 service centres alone. It's has the widest and deepest service network. Honda is highly committed to its work employing trained service professionals. Honda follows a policy of reasonable comfort, good after sales service which in turns also fives way to good resale value, hence winning hearts all over the country. A basic difference can be seen when you call a Honda service centre and then a Maruti service centre. Try that, and see the difference for yourself.
  3. I think Honda Amaze is the one that I will choose because of the simple reason that it offers more or less the same features as the premium sedan, and for lesser price. It is a no-brainer for a common man...