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  1. Dear Dr_Nishu, Sorry to hear about the unfortunate incident. 6k for the mirror assemby is on the higher side I feel, even if it comes with the mirror adjustment motor and a turn indicator. I think Maruti should have already done the localization of the part and hence I expect a lower price for the same. More than the spare price, what irritates me the most is with the need to change all the fluids at every 20k interval. Few examples: My old Baleno had a coolant replacement at 30k whereas new Marutis have it at 20k Also the gear oil and the brake fluid also needs replacement at 20k. It is not just that the unnecessary replacements are a waste of money, but it also affects the environment!! Sorry for going a bit off-topic
  2. Suzuki Autherntic Concept to be displayed at Shanghai auto show 2013. Think it would be the next SX4 sedan. Link: http://www.globalsuz...2013/0329b.html Teaser video at: http://www.globalsuz...m/shanghai2013/
  3. I feel more than the exteriors, the interiors of SX4 needed an upgrade badly. In my opinion, SX4's exteriors fair well with the other seadans in its class even after 6 years of its launch. However the same could not be said about the interiors.
  4. I think it is a big time that Maruti do something about their sedan offering. Even though SX4 is well priced, it has lost the charm to fight in the current market scenario. A gen-old interiors in SX4 is "THE" biggest problem! Think it might be better to ditch the SX4 name and come up with an all new sedan. And when the SX4 DDIS didn't do much wonders, I don't think if the SX4 K14 might be of much help. And I doubt if a proper Swift sedan would be of much help. Think they should come up with an all new sedan based on the Ertiga platform. I think the K14 engine with slightly more horses and the 1.3 DDIS VGT should be sufficient for the sedan. They should continue the good work similar to Ertiga by making ABS standards on all the variants.
  5. I think the entry level premium sedans (Read City, Vena,Sunny, Rapid,Vento and yes, the SX4) will be the most affected by the introduction of Ertiga. At almost the same price, they get more 1. Space - yes 2. Comfort - yes (As per autocar review, the rear seat comfort is really good, if not more than entry level premium sedans) 3. Drivability - yes (Think as good as the Verna) 4. The very important FUEL EFFICIENCY - yes, very close to the sedans! 5. Extra 2 seats/more boot space - yes 6. Premium interiors - yes, but may be a notch lower compared to Verna/VW twins 7. Looks - Debatable. For me, the looks are as good as/ better than some of the sedans listed. As already discussed, Innova sales might also be affected, but think not as badly as the above sedans!carispassion2012-04-09 09:23:21
  6. This seems to be a welcome move from Skoda! Haven't driven Fabia in india. So could not comment on the same. Have driven Fabia Combi 1.6 diesel in Germany for around 900km. Didn't feel it to be very stable at speeds above 120kmph. I think the Swift might be slightly better in this field. I think the Fabia Cobi felt just a little better in high speed manners than our Ritz VDi in India; though I am not quite sure about this. However, the 1.6 mill was very easy to drive and was quite responsive too!
  7. A small correction here. As far as I know, apart from the old Generation Carbureted Marutis all others have 10000km service interval whether it is petrol or diesel. First:1000km; Second5000km;Third10,000km and all the other services at 10,000km or 1 year which ever is earlier! And skoda service interval I think is 15,000km or 1 year.carispassion2011-10-21 21:45:08
  8. 1. space: More or the less the same. But Fabia is slightly better. But swift has the best front seats. 2. Cheap spares: Swift wins by a large margin. Expect the spare parts price of Fabia to be even higher than a Maruti SX4(Way higher)!! Skoda's ASS is nothing to write home about as well. 3. Mileage: Swift wins. If we go only by the above three points, Swift wins, since the luggage space does not seems to be a big concern for you! Additionally, the swift is ahead of Fabia in areas like handling, engine performance, refinement, features etc. Oh! Wait a second!! If space for 5 is the major priority, why don't you try out the Toyota Liva diesel? You will miss the refinement and premium feel of the above two cars. But it ticks all the three points you have mentioned. Toyota maintenance cost is expected to be way lesser than a Skoda, thought not as low as a swift! Their ASS is also said to be pretty good.
  9. Dear All, CNBC tv 18 review on 2011 swift: carispassion2011-08-14 05:30:18
  10. @TSiVipul, Thanks a lot for the info. A retro kit @6k seems to be a very good deal. Also, going by the lines of TVS Apache 180, hope the other manufacturers too wake up and provide the ABS option in their bikes too!
  11. Dear Fellas, I would like to fit a reverse camera+sensor+LCD screen combo unit when we take delivery of our SX4 VDi next month. I know that there is such a set available from Xenos which comes with Bluetooth as well. Think Xenos sources this from some chinese company. Could you kindly update me if you have any info on similar products from companies like Nippon, Autocop etc? I like the LCD display and the rever sensor display to be on the same screen, and when it could be fixed on the Inside Rear view mirror.
  12. The Alloys look superb! Also noticed the turn signal indicators on the outside rear view mirrors!
  13. I feel that assuming 20kmpl for Diesel car whereas Petrol returns 12kmpl is a little too optimistic. May be 12kmpl for Petrol and 17kmpl for Diesel in the similar conditions is what we should expect
  14. It would be easier for us, if you give more details about what you want from your car. Like how many Kilometers you run per month; condition of roads around you; How many persons you want to carry; their average height etc. Swift: Very sporty and stylish car. A very good package and value-for-money. Gem of an engine (both petrol and diesel). If you are the type who like to drive at high speeds and want to attack corners in your car, then swift is the car for you! Waiting for AN Swift will be a very good idea! Ritz: This car is also based on the current swift platform and hence many positives remain. Suzuki tried to concentrated more on practicality while designing this car. Though wheel base is slightly shorter, it had more space than swift and is more comfortable. You may lose a little on the corner-attacking capabilities of swift; though Ritz still is very fun-to drive. High speed stability is good(I felt Ritz to be more fun to drive than an i10. High speed stability also felt better.). It is more value for money than Swift. Choose the following cars depending on your yearly mileage: <15000km per year: Ritz ZXi/ Swift ZXi >15000km per year: Ritz VDi ABS/ Swift VDi ABS
  15. I feel that he should go for Swift Lxi and save money. - The Petrol engine in Swift is any day better and more fuel efficient than i20's Kappa unit. - Since his usage is limited to less than 350km per month, petrol makes much sense. - Also, the added space availability in i20 need not help him much, since his usage is limited. - Comparatively smaller Swift might be easier to drive for a learning driver as well. - I would also like to add that the service spare parts availability for a Maruti in long term should never be a problem; specially since swift is the most successful super mini ever in India.
  16. Our Maruti Baleno is almost 11years old now and has done 107000km. Apart from the normal service and consumables, the parts which required replacement were: 1. Drive shafts at 70k km 2. Rear suspension stopper bush at 80k km 3. Left Lower arm at 80k km 4. A/c compressor and evaporator coil at 90k km 5. Timing belt at 1,00,000km (it was still feeling like new, though the service adviser recommended a replacement) The clutch, other suspension components, exhaust pipe, injectors etc still doing their duty well. Engine still feels as if it were new. The brake master cylinder and the right hand side lower arm will need attention soon. carispassion2011-03-28 02:16:55
  17. Hello Thakur, I would suggest Ritz ZXi, since it had almost all the features which you would require in a small car and comes at a very good price too. IMO, it is better to go for factory fitted Stereo, Remote key-less entry system etc as factory fitted instead of allowing the after market installer(or even the dealer installation) to rip-off your door pads and interior plastics for installation.
  18. I have voted for Suzuki Gran Vitara. It is the cheapest excluding the Safari; Is a very good off-roader (probably the best among the ones mentioned!); its reliable and also due to spare parts availability outside ASS. It also makes for a very good second hand car!
  19. As we all know, Punto is a very good car. And why is it selling less? In my opinion, Fiat was unable to sort out Punto's positives and concentrate on where it matters. As per the discussion we had here, hope people might not disagree on the following conclusion: 1. Punto as a city run about: Long travel clutch is helpful for cruising in city travel; though heavy clutch and jerkiness while pressing the accelerator plays spoil sport. Also, visibility for city usage is nothing to write home about. 2. Punto as a highway car: Punto has got very good high speed stability and smooth ride, but the seats feel hard and does not feel comfortable for long trips. Also, due to low gear ratio, the mileage is a bit on the lower side(not much). So, Punto has its positives, but it fairs well neither as a city car, nor as a highway cruiser! And regarding getting used to the car: The owners will definitely get used to their cars after some time. Even if the car had its share of negatives, there will definitely be people who would love it the way it is. It all depends on personal preferences. However for an average Indian car owner, who has a single car to meet all his purposes; the same car should suitable for all his needs- let it be daily office commutes, dropping his kid to school, or even a weekend trip to meet his parents.
  20. The manufacturers have to improve the engine technologies with time due to the tightening pollution norms as well due to market demands regarding NVH and performance. Manufacturers are also trying to save each kilo on the automobile by through usage of special materials, through refinement of existing technologies etc. Both Kappa and K-series are fully aluminum blocks in-order to reduce the weight. As per my understanding, following are the notable advantages of the K-Series over the G-series from Suzuki: 1. Aluminum alloy construction. 2. High pressure injectors 3. Higher compression ratio to burn the fuel efficiently. 4. More advanced Engine management system. 5. Dedicated ignition coils for each cylinders. 6. Chain-driven valve train instead of belt-driven, to improve NVH and reduce maintenance 7. DOHC (Double Overhead Camshaft) 8. Throttle-by-wire (Instead of normal cable operated one.) As per Suzuki's nomenclature goes, K-series: refers to the generation of small-size engines with Aluminum alloy construction. M-series: Higher capacity (1500cc or higher) with usage of Iron for cylinder block, whereas many other parts are made of aluminum alloys itself. carispassion2011-02-14 07:15:00
  21. I have driven Punto 75bhp MJD for long distances, and me too did not feel it to be very sluggish. However, following where the negatives I found: - very low ratio for 1st and 2nd gears - car does not move smoothly in 1,2 gears and more jerks. - very heavy and long travel clutch- felt my legs to pain after driving 50-100kms - needed more gear shifts than Swift DDIs for instance; and the heavy clutch made the things even worse. - seats were not very comfortable for long trips. - 3rd and 4th gears were good,as Bala has already mentioned. Steering feel was great and the ride is smooth and silent.
  22. Think Wagon R CNG is the only factory fitted CNG car which fits your budget. If your highway trip are less than 200-300km to-and-from most of the time, think a CNG vehicle makes more sense. Maruti's new factory fitted CNG vehicles are as fun to drive as their petrols; though the max power produced is a bit lower. CNG vehicle has following main advantages: -lower initial cost than Diesel -20-30% lower running cost then Diesel - lower maintenance (read cheaper spares) than diesel - Eco-friendly Also, since you are not much worried about boot space, CNG vehicle should be fine. I would recommend you to give another shot for CNG before moving on to the Diesel. Take a test drive of both CNG and Diesel vehicles and then decide. carispassion2011-02-09 06:22:33
  23. IMHO, why Mahindra went for a full face "plastic surgery" on Xylo's cloned brother Genio is to create a distinct identity. An Entry level SUV(Xylo) customers might not like his SUV to have too much resemblance with a pick-up, in-turn affecting the Xylo sales. Think Mahindra tried to create a distinct identity to the Genio, which shares many of the body parts with Xylo. And I feel Mahindra has done very well in this by scoring high on Genio styling as well as reducing the production cost by means of more plastic parts!
  24. Big News! Maruti to upgrade/buy new showrooms for Kizashi Seems like Maruti is serious about Kizashi Launch. Hope Maruti will be able to give its premium customers premium treatment as well. I am copying the article below: As India