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  1. Just like the people who bought the Honda Civic Hybrid, there will be a group of people who are environmentally-conscious.. And still I dont believe that the Chevrolet Beat Electric will come for a price of 5L. I expect it to cost minimum of 6L considering the fact that the dimunitive Reva costs what it is today!!
  2. @dtandon Thats why I said "I wish". Nothing wrong in "Dreaming Big" I guess... Lol... On a serious note, even if Hyundai manages to launch this at an ex-showroom price of 7 Lacs INR, I think it will be a good hit...
  3. Looks fabulous to me. I would say, by far, this is the best looking Mercedes-Benz to be launched in the recent past. The "Gullwings" are awesome too and it has the same charm which the original 300SL had 60 years back!!!
  4. I wish this i10 Electric is launched in India with a price slightly higher than the regular i10 Kappa. It would be practical enough to be a day-to-day car and make much more sense than the REVA.
  5. This is going to be the real Cam-Cord fighter (Camry & Accord). The existing Sonata (Embera & Tranform) itself was a big success for Hyundai in all the markets it was launched in and I reckon this new Sonata is going to go for a kill. Hope HMI brings this to India at the earliest !!!
  6. I completely agree with the above point. When I heard about Ford's proposed small car, I was expecting the European Fiesta or atleast a 5 door version of its Ka. Never I thought its going to be the same last-gen Fiesta reskinned to look like Ford's current crop of cars (with its grille changed). But I hope it succeeds in India as it is going to be Ford's desperate attempt to become a volume player in India after so many years of so-so existence.
  7. I find the new E-Class to be quite attractive but on seeing the posts in all International Forums, I could find mostly negative comments about its looks. Is it looking so bad? Expecting your comments...
  8. My pick is surely the Hyundai Elantra. Its rather unfortunate that Hyundai's most successful global nameplate failed to take off in India inspite of a stunning diesel engine and fairly good looks.