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  1. ty pranab i dunno about the cruze but all i want to tell you is that you should buy a laura 1.8 TSI if you are driving as the altis has a very unresponsive steering systmen and a wafty suspension.So driving an altis cannot be compared to the skoda,but man is that ride comfy
  2. i completely agree with you,but on the safety front-the euros are still in the lead.the civic scored 4 stars in the euro ncap whereas the jetta scored 5.Also the civic comes with less safety features than the jetta.
  3. creativebala:thanks a lot for the advice-will definitely keep it in mind. sglitk:I do believe that i stand corrected,what you have said is very true and although i agree with what you say,i still believe that while european cars may not be the most attractive when it comes to reliability,creature comforts etc. if you compare the build quality of a toyota to,say a skoda or VW,there is a huge difference. Now this may not be the most important aspect of car buying,but its good to have a more substantial car and you also get the feeling that its going to last for quite a long time But i think what you have said is very true and i hope new car buyers will keep your advice in mind Cheers
  4. hi all today i took delivery of a brand new toyota corolla altis GL version and i have to say,first impressions are NOT last impressions on this one.In fact i was completely sold on the new laura-me being a worshipper of the new 1.8 TSI,the spiritual successor to the octavia RS.But after hearing the various complaints about the maintenance cost of the car from the owners of a 1st gen laura-i decided to think it over one more time.Now at this point i had not actually changed my mind as i am a skoda owner myself-i have an octavia combi L&K tdi-although i was well aware of the maintenance. Eventually though i realized that i am not really going to drive it, so whats the point of buying a performance centered car? at this point i was thoroughly confused so i decided to do some snooping around and see what owners think about the civic,altis and jetta.Now a very close friend actually had a civic and instantly said that on the roads of delhi-its not the car to go for,courtesy the low GC. So my next tryout was the jetta, which i realised was nothing but a rebadged,snazzier looking octavia! now all i was left with was the altis which was supposedly a good car-but i wasnt,and still am not,a fan of toyota. To me they are not really that into making a good car and only want to make good money-this makes their cars lacklustre and somewhat icky.Yes maybe they are well built and maybe they hardly break-but thats like saying you love your washing machine because it cleans your clothes better than your neighbor's does. But leaving the prejudices aside i went for a TD and actually booked one! this is because i liked the comfort sitting at the back(my friend was driving).But then there was the delivery time-i booked it on the 20th of august and received it today the 24th of september! apparently the delay was due to extremely low supply and exceedingly high demand(i bought the light blue metallic one).Now what i want to say is that,not being biased here,compared to european cars-the jap cars are like tin cans.try this yourself-lean with all your weight against the door of a jap car-then do the same with a european car.The sheet metal used in jap cars will easily bed whereas most european cars will refuse to budge! at this point you are probably bored to death so to make a long story short heres a word of advice to all you new car buyers-if you are driving,make european cars your priority,even if it means you shell out a little more,you get a car which feels substantial and drives well. but if you are a backseat driver(no offense ) you wont be able to tell the difference-jap cars are good for you due to low price point,good fuel consumption and possibly more bells and whistles
  5. the first one looks exactly like the current gen fiesta in europe and north america.I have a feeling that the second one comes very close to what is kinda hoping that the fiesta comes to india-but itll probably be priced higher than expected-it might compete with the civic actually