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  1. rattling in the dash board??? what rattling in the dash board??? never heard it my friend!!!
  2. my takes/views etc etc on the new SX4, as a recent owner of SX4 i was hopein unlike most of you out there, for minimal changes @winner i agree with you and few others that the alloys on the current ver. indeed are much better looking... and on the previous page some one said that the centre consol looks ugly- well i tihnk thats becos of the brown dash, while the part b/t the silver strips is still black so its stands out(ugly indeed), in the current model the dash is dark grey so the centre consol with those silver strips actually looks cool... 104bhp, just a +2 from previous one(but mind you its a VVT) ventilated disc brakes-wow the braking of current Sx4 is superb(even better that the HC), want to try the new brakes usb conn. is there(i think) ofcourse AT is there now. front grill is changed, by the way does anybody know if the back bumper is redesigned too? PS- i wonder how much those new honey comb grill bumpers are going to cost, any one have any idea? how much does current bumpers of SX4 costs?
  3. ..... i am really confused... which topic you want deleated and which you want to keep.... anyways... about your querry...i think it is highly not recomended... but i drove my car on the first week of its purchace for about 350kms and i drove as anyone would on a really good highway-100-110km/hr but no problems at all..(bought our car in feb.) ps- i am not recomending you to do this, i am just shareing my experience...
  4. reva is going to help(i mean do all the work for) GM to make an electric saprk!
  5. well i just got another suggestion- well i have a habbit of opening multiple threads at the same time and at times i get confused about which tab/window is which thread??? and at the top of the page it only shows in which section of the forum you are in but not the specific thread you are in, so i feel it would be usefull...
  6. i just want to point at a technical issue with the forum... nothing big but i just noticed that i posted a msg at 6:20 and the posted time on top of the msg was displayed 6:50...i.e. +30mins (i noticed this for 3-4 posts with the same result)
  7. the alloys with the higer varient of city definitely looks good, if i was in your place i would have gone with them... and can you mention the make and model of the alloys in the picture. you know look alone in not to be considered when judging such a critical part of your car...
  8. @vineet... thnx for the otr price. delhi is sure cheap when it come to automobiles...that is the reason for the price diff. b/w banglore and mumbai etc.... by the way do you know the prices of the cool accessories that they are offering- like the air pump, in car refrigerator, and that 'map my india' nav devices...
  9. i know bhopal is a small city compared to delhi, mumbai etc but not this much- that they they still dont have cruze even on display.....this dealer sucks here in bhopal... i have a one more little query- is the turbo lag felt even on gentle accelerations???
  10. @Rahul i agree with your skoda superb point... and i did a bit research on kizashi when it was revealed in US but i never found these beige interiors of kizashi at that time, thanks. and i just red what i wrote earlier and i was sounding a bit like i did not intent to, so i want to apolagize to my fello countrymen i was not criticize indians i was just saying that, i am an India and proud to be one! (no i am not doing this bcos FRG or cyrus orsomeother admin has PMed me and threatened to ban me lol) now comming back to kizashi- is that news of its launch around march correct.... ahhhhhh... cruze now or wait(which i can for about 6months or so)
  11. the guys at suzuki really love black interiors, dont they? for eg take a look at the int of GV2.4 and in the sx4's black n beige interiors you hardly see any beige, but kizashi looks so promising, i mean if it will be launched as it is in US, given the equipment level, 4wd etc etc... it will surely be a success... PS- ppl in india are a perfect eg of the phrase 'bhed chal' of course i mean no offence to anybody by saying this but... lets take the eg of honda if they have established themself as a premium brand(in >10L n<20Lbracket) and now even if they launch a pathetic car in that segment(i am just saying this hypothetically) ppl will still say honda is the best, they wont even give a fair trial to any one else, they will just say bla bla that company's that car was like that so this too etc etc... similar egs are everywhere in india-.for egNokia in mobile phs,... dont want to go on and on and deviate from topic... JUST HOPE THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN WITH KIZASHI! and i dont think suzuki will price its kizashi in that 18-20L bracket, i feel it will be more like around 15-16ish
  12. and @vineet your car has a temp. UP number plate so are you in noida... i just wanted to ask what is the exact on road price of your cruze in delhi, actually we(me and my family) will be moving to delhi shortly and we plan to buy a car(Cruze) in delhi, so just wanted to ask what are the taxes registration charges etc... i have heard they in delhi also charge Rs5000/- as parking charges, is it true are taxes in noida and delhi same?(i doubt that)
  13. Thanks Pranab for helping me out with the query about turbo lag...and that cruze in white looks great-lucky vineet...cant wait to see one in blk...
  14. i have a query guys i hope you help me out- i want to know whats with the turbo lag (sorry never have driven a diesel in my 21 yr of existence) never heard that in laura's diesel engine. when we start any engine the rpm reading goes to 1000 even in idle state, isn't it? and i have heard in cruze turo lag is below 1700 or 1800 rpm so is it that big of a problem, will it be really annoying? i mean what will happen i will press the acclerator- car wont accelerate properly till 1800 and sundenly after 1800 it will suddenly shoot??? sorry for having no knowledge about this... pls help me understand this and if possible in non techivle terms... thanks