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  1. A report in ET around a month ago, indicated that its launch has been deferred to Oct 08. Does any one have more specific info.
  2. I have tried very hard to find out timing of the event. Can you pls tell me the start and end time on Saturday and Sunday.
  3. I had two questions: How does i10 compare with Swift. Let me elaborate. i10 appears to be overpriced for its category and for the same money, I can buy Swift which is a bigger car. While i10 has all the goodies, it appears that overall experience will be better in Swift. One concern with the theory is that while both Hyundai and Maruti have good and extensive service centre, I believe, Hyundai is more reliable and has better service centers. Another question was when is i10 Automatice expected. and is Fabia also going to have an automatic version
  4. I find it difficult to locate topics of my interest from the Latest topic section or from the Home page of the Forum. It will help if under Indian Cars, you create sub-categories of different makes - ie manufaturer wise. It will help to easily identify discussions that one is interested in.
  5. One car which no one has mentioned is Scorpio. I had travelled in it a few times - the ride is awful and the gear shift attrocious. Another mention should be the 3 wheeler made by Piagio. Its a diesel vehicle, extremely noisy (hate to be next to it in traffic or worse behind it) and vibrating all through. Its amazing how a international company has brought one of its junk product / technology and flogging it in our market.
  6. I cannot understand on why they need to have such a big suspense around the launch date. I am looking forward to the car and will be quite dissapointed if it is not announced today.