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  1. Yes Sachin. You are correct. The service manager said it will take one more week for a solution, if any. Will post the outcome. Thanks for the reply
  2. Dear All I sent my ŠKODA Rapid to service centre for free monsoon checkup. The car was checked and returned. But I found that that the pickup of the car has diminished and fuel efficiency has increased fairly. As I needed more pickup I again sent it over there and after re tuning the car I lost both pickup and fuel efficiency. Then I took the car to another service centre and explained everything, but there also I did not get much improvement in the performance. When inquired about this issue both service centres said that ŠKODA has changed the software and that is the reason. I feel this may not be true. Do any one have similar experience or have any inputs on this issue, please post. Alsop how can I go legally, if the specifications of the performance after software update, has changed from the original specs as per the owner's manual Please reply
  3. @sachins Thanks for reply. People say durability and consistency of Bajaj bikes are poor. Or else I was interested in V15. Scooter is my last option.
  4. In bike section no much replies are seen. Can anyone opt me another site specially for bike
  5. Please try this number..+919920198244. Try to get the repaired as early as possible, under warrant/insurance. We cannot reverse what had happened. All service centre are similar here. (not only Skoda). Take the use of Skoda app on smartphone and see what it will do for you.
  6. I request your suggestion ,to increase safety while carrying kids on bike. Like where to sit, Silencer guard, child seats if any etc. Please reply
  7. Dear All I am looking for a bike for domestic use. Specifically to drop and pickup my kindergarten kid to school, visit market, club etc. Occasional long city drive (upto 50 KM) may be possible and not much daily city driving requirement. I want comfort to my back. My size is 163 cm (height) and 58 Kg (weight) Please suggest me few bikes. New bikes like pulsar, apache etc are not much impressive to me My concerns are like that, if I plan for a RE classic 350, will it be difficult for my kid to sit on it. Whether Bajaj V15 and Avenger has a rugged body and have a long life, etc . Please reply Regards Haridas P
  8. Do any body have the crash test details of Indian model Vitara Brezza.
  9. Yes Accident too. Did Swami Vivekanadan had a political lineage. My answer is no. Partly Ideological similarities may be there with some party. I usually try to take the good from these Gurus. But I cant assure the people associated with them don't belong to any parties. One of the slogan of Sri Sri and AOL is "I belong to you". If that 4.5cr is used properly by the Government and the disbursement officials, Sri Sri will be the happiest man. One Kerala also minister commended recently about the order, like irrespective of the manufacturing year, vehicles should be checked for pollution. Blindly banning vehicles over 10 years will not solve the problem. In my opinion such bans may lead to another type of pollution, 1. Many parts of these vehicles are not recyclable. (add to biggest pollution) 2. The energy used to recycle other parts are much costlier and those factories also add to pollution 3. Those batteries are not much recyclable, and the ingredients are much harmful to human brain. Many poor drivers buy second hand car for their daily earnings. This will be a punch to their lower abdomen. In my opinion NGT like organization should come into picture for 1. pollution checking on road with sincere officials. 2. Yearly permit should be introduced so that all vehicles should be issued by a safety permit ( including all measures like safety, vehicle conditions like tyre, engine , pollution, etc (please add more) 3. Govt could give huge subsidy to new buyers of electric cars (but chargeable electric cars are not solution,except solar charging. Consider a scenario that around 1 million cars in India is electrically charged, where you will get these much energy, how and where will you charge, what is the charging time required and how queues can be handled). Have you seen the cost of electric Car by Mahindra) When I see abandoned vehicles at some police stations, it hurts me. Now visualize heaps of abandoned vehicles, left to rust. (Looks like a war zone in India )
  10. It is good that NGT is doing good for the nation. But more people in India die due to smoking, tobacco and alcohol, than due to pollution. If they are really caring human life, then first of all ban all the three and similar ones. I feel all these are part of some politricks, which time may prove. The stand of NGT is good as this may pressurize things to improve. Data is the most important thing. Is the data correct enough to rely. Other than cancer the major killer is Diabetes and Hear attack. What action is opted on sugary drinks, products with saturated fats, (and of- course roadside samosa, kachori). More people die in accidents ( not much cared), Many in building collapses (no actions). Still new multi storied building arises in cities. AOL don't have any political support and is neutral and Sri Sri is a real Guru. That is why this has happened. If this has been imposed on any prominent political party, what would have been the result.
  11. That means every thing is up to that, in the favor of Automobile Industry and multi millionaires
  12. Some times waiting for some thing worth makes waiting so worth
  13. If possible please post a photo. I feel, much apt word for mobilio is 'pupa car'. And what do think about the shape of Swift.