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  1. Dear All

    I sent my  ŠKODA Rapid to service centre for free monsoon checkup. The car was checked and returned. But I found that that the pickup of the car has diminished and fuel efficiency has increased fairly. As I needed more pickup I again sent it over there and after re tuning the car I lost both pickup and fuel efficiency. Then I took the car to another service centre and explained everything, but there also I did not get much improvement in the performance. When inquired  about this issue both service centres said that  ŠKODA has changed the software and that is the reason. I feel this may not be true. Do any one have similar experience or have any inputs on this issue, please post. Alsop how can I go legally, if the specifications of the performance after software update, has changed from the original specs as per the owner's manual

    Please reply

  2. Please try this number..+919920198244.

    Try to get the repaired  as early as possible, under warrant/insurance. We cannot reverse what had happened. All service centre are similar here. (not only Skoda). Take the use of Skoda app on smartphone and see what it will do for you.

  3. Dear All

    I am looking for a bike for domestic use. Specifically to drop and pickup my kindergarten kid to school, visit market, club etc. Occasional long city drive (upto 50 KM) may be possible and not much daily city driving requirement. I want comfort to my back. My size is 163 cm (height) and 58 Kg (weight)

    Please suggest me few bikes. New bikes like pulsar, apache etc are not much impressive to me

    My concerns are like that, if I plan for a RE classic 350, will it be difficult for my kid to sit on it. Whether Bajaj V15 and Avenger has a rugged body and have a long life, etc .

    Please reply


    Haridas P

  4. Yes Accident too.

    Did Swami Vivekanadan had a political lineage. My answer is no. Partly Ideological similarities may be there with some party. I usually try to take the good from these Gurus. But I cant assure the people associated with them don't belong to any parties. One of the slogan of Sri Sri and AOL is "I belong to you". If that 4.5cr is used properly by the Government and the disbursement officials, Sri Sri will be the happiest man.

    One Kerala also minister commended recently about the order, like irrespective of the manufacturing year, vehicles should be checked for pollution. Blindly banning vehicles over 10 years will not solve the problem.

    In my opinion such bans may lead to another type of pollution,

    1. Many parts of these vehicles are not recyclable. (add to biggest pollution)

    2. The energy used to recycle other parts are much costlier and those factories also add to pollution

    3. Those batteries are not much recyclable, and the ingredients are much harmful to human brain.

    Many poor drivers buy second hand car for their daily earnings. This will be a punch to their lower abdomen.

    In my opinion NGT like organization should come into picture for

    1. pollution checking on road with sincere officials.

    2. Yearly permit should be introduced so that all vehicles should be issued by a safety permit ( including all measures like safety, vehicle conditions like tyre, engine , pollution, etc (please add more)

    3. Govt could give huge subsidy to new buyers of electric cars (but chargeable electric cars are not solution,except solar charging. Consider a scenario that around 1 million cars in India is electrically charged, where you will get these much energy, how and where will you charge, what is the charging time required and how queues can be handled). Have you seen the cost of electric Car by Mahindra)

    When I see abandoned vehicles at some police stations, it hurts me. Now visualize heaps of abandoned vehicles, left to rust. (Looks like a war zone in India )

  5. It is good that NGT is doing good for the nation. But more people in India die due to smoking, tobacco and alcohol, than due to pollution. If they are really caring human life, then first of all ban all the three and similar ones.

    I feel all these are part of some politricks, which time may prove. The stand of NGT is good as this may pressurize things to improve. Data is the most important thing. Is the data correct enough to rely.

    Other than cancer the major killer is Diabetes and Hear attack. What action is opted on sugary drinks, products with saturated fats, (and of- course roadside samosa, kachori). More people die in accidents ( not much cared), Many in building collapses (no actions). Still new multi storied building arises in cities.

    AOL don't have any political support and is neutral and Sri Sri is a real Guru. That is why this has happened. If this has been imposed on any prominent political party, what would have been the result.

  6. Delhi should now plan for days ending number. That is if date is 23 then vehicles with reg no. ending with 3 can run on the street. Then how many old cars will be bought in second sales. If the traffic is planned more systematically, pollution can be reduced. As all know, pollution increases when traffic block is there. Major blocks are created due to construction work( road, irrigation etc) may be delayed due to Departmental negligence, vehicle break down due to tyre burst and other negligence from part of vehicle owner (on which the RTO should levy heavy extra penalties), rallies, marriages, political chakka jams, traffic police checking ( may be during end of the month) etc. As librankur said 15 year old petrol cars and 10 year old Diesel cars may be plying on roads. But the right measure is at pollution check irrespective of the year of manufacture. And pollution certificate should be given only by reputed organizations under ARAI. Every one knows how pollution card is made

  7. Leave Luxury cars for times sake.

    What about Ford who reduced the prize of their one SUV after Maruti launched a new car. Weren't they exploiting the market. And how many Maruti cars are real VFM cars. And above all how this prize bracket is created in India. they were created by Indian brands only, initially

  8. The reverse gear of Polo is a little awkward. You have to push left and push down and then upwards (like 1st gear). A reverse camera will help to see if the gear is in right position. Also the back seat room is not so good. Only two can sit comfortably (even in Vento too). The parts of this car is also at a higher side, but not so high if you compare the quality. Availability of critical parts may take weeks or more than a month. But definitely it is a driver's car. But what about the fuel efficiency of TSI. Will it give in two digits in city and above 13 on highways. Running 350 km per month may cost around Rupees 2500 plus insurance around 15K per year

  9. Neeraj is correct ;The impression about Skoda in the mind of a common man is that it is a luxury car. The definition of luxury depends on each individual. For some a car itself is a luxury item. Rapid is well comparable with Honda City and Ciaz. For daily long drives safety comes first and then only money. I feel that the significant face-lift is in the tail with a curved bumper, which was essential due to soft suspension and low ground clearance. The AS&S depends on the city. The main drawback is with the immediate availability of major parts. No dealer keeps the major parts and this is a problem with the dealers, where Skoda should take care about the minimum stock and spares available in the workshop. Looks of Rapid is appealing, which I feel better than the Honda City. Service cost of Rapid is also much comparable with its competitors. Once local vendors start manufacturing the spares of VW, these cars will become hit, as I have seen people saying about resale value before buying the cars. As car becomes old, more spares will be required. A person buying a second had car will look first for the availability and cost of spares.

    Many customers want a package of 60:40 (affordability:quality)

  10. Rich people have more than two vehicles may be with an odd and an even number and this regulation will not affect the rich and richest. Many of these rich ones also adulterate fuel, that causing more pollution. I too agree that ladies should not have got this exemption. They are planning to regulate two wheeler also. Now the RTO and Govt. should get stricter in pollution checking norms as well as checking for adulterated fuel. For an immediate relief Delhi govt. have gone for this and this is an innovative and safe initial approach. Public transport is the best option but such transport will become easy targets for criminals, and hence security should be tightened within and inside-out. When Diesel engine came no body knew about the emission pollutants. After say 10-15 years some lab may come and say CNG pollutes more than Diesel. I don't know where all these industrial developments take our human race to. US knows and they are planning for a better place other than the earth.

    In Mumbai, I can count thousands of taxis with not more than one passenger. This type of traffic can be regulated by distributing offices and facilities across the city and state, just like ATMs (not exactly ATM), instead of complexes.

    All the state governments should plan-and-replan-and-plan for a better organization of the residential area, industrial area, commercial area etc to minimize the usage of motorized vehicles. For this the governments should take bold steps to take hold of buildings for relocation. In my opinion Tourist places also should be freed from motorized vehicles, or at least a Laxman Rekha should be defined every where required.

    Corruption should be eliminated from Govt. offices and efficiency should be improved, to reduce daily visits of common man to any office. If the Govt and politicians do their job sincerely and selflessly (also we people) most of Indian problem will be solved. Be good, see good, do good.

    responses please