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  1. Dust is a major issue and when combines with smoke it becomes worse. What the government should do is to improve drainage system, as even after rains , debris still stays on the roads. I feel this us in all major NI cities. Adulteration of the fuel also a major problem. Without doing a proper job, why the Govt. is imposing burden on common man. Hybrid vehicles helps in noise pollution rather than air pollution, as during the manufacturing, recycling, charging, disposing etc, a huge amount if air pollution it will make, Globally. We all know how a green card is made.

  2. @ Librankur. Do you have thought about the fate of the customers. It will be a Himalayan mistake if Govt will ban VW or any other manufacturers for such a crime. This is not so life threatening as air bag issue, braking issue and other major life threatening or dangerous faults. I consider those coders really intelligent, but such abilities should be used for good purpose only. They did their job, as their bosses said.

  3. I agree with reddy.The VW and Skoda dealers, heavily charge their customers and insurance company, like saying the part is imported from Germany, have to remove the complete panel and will be completely repainted after treatment, superior oil, 3m polishing etc etc. @anirudh, by saying so, you will be hurting others feelings, which you may not have intended. Maruti cars are fairly optimized for Indian market. Body gauge adds to safety, but in minor damages, it don't affect . Paints of Maruti is less costly compared to others, color matching easily available, even with small roadside garages. Thin sheets are easily bendable and even after makeups, dents may be visible

  4. Hi librankur, good day wishes,

    How can ban VW without doing trustful testing. only US has found this scandal. More polluting vehicles are here in India already. Only Govt. can put penalty. What about road side samosa and kachori and other snacks at stalls, comparing with Maggi. Are they free from lead, oxidants and carcinogens. Nestle is food giant and the Govt. has taken action against it and it is a bold and model step for improving packed food quality in India. I have read that Got had already asked explanation to VW

  5. Fiat has some AS&S issues I agree. But the service cost is much closer to Maruti .I suggest you to take test drive of Figo Aspire, Skoda Rapid, Linea, and Ciaz . Skoda parts are too costly and parts may not be easily available and dealer will surely exploit. But car is very good. City will not come in this budget. For time sake, forget about ground clearance

    Good luck

  6. Testing a car battery. Good idea.May I suggest one method.

    Read the car's manual to get the ratings of the battery

    Hire a low range clamp ampere meter and a good volt meter from an electrical contractor.

    Open the bonnet and clamp the clamp meter it around the +ve terminal wire, and connect volt meter across battery terminals in correct polarity

    Keep the bonnet open and hold the meter in your own hand, and place voltmeter some where so that you can see the meter reading .

    Tell your friend or any one to start the car ( keep sure gear is on neutral or else..(joke))

    Note initial readings of both the meters

    Note the maximum ampere reading and also the corresponding voltage reading,when the engine is turned on.

    note down both the readings

    turn off the engine and wait for say 2 minutes and again turn on, take the readings and compare with the previous reading and

    note the date.

    Then after using the car, say, 6 months or so, again do the same testing and compare the reading with previous testing data

    Compare the values and see, when the car starts, the voltage and current is same as that of the previous date. If the voltage drops and current is showing almost same, that means the battery needs servicing. And if voltage drops and current taken is much higher, check if head lights or other electrical systems are on, if all electrical systems are off, check up with service center.

    Make sure that the meters are all well calibrated.

    Seems that this is tough job to me too. But this test can be done simply, if we have these meters. If you try this, please post the results. Bye

  7. Congrats. But Ciaz is a real beauty. Now love your car, handle it properly and drive safely. You made me smile, when I remembered an ad showing 4 people holding frame of Etios. The ad may have meant something else!!. An accident at 100 km/h will save nothing even a lorry. all the safety rating tests are done at much lower speed ~60km/h. You will benefited by easy availability of spares and many other benefits with Maruti.

    Wishing you a Happy and Safe Drive