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  1. It is better to do random PUC check by RTO on all vehicles, so that pollution should be controlled by owner's responsibility. Any how Government initiated this and ARAI have started this random checking. Let us hope for good. And what about Diesel engine trains, power generators, auto rikshaws running partially on kerosine. What action may the Government take on it. some points related to pollution by petrol and diesel engines carbon monoxide produced by petrol engines, when a car is warming up, dangerous Suspended particulate matter or SPM, the tiny particles emitted from the exhaust of a diesel engine.Modern diesel engines are usually fitted with filters to to reduce the amount of the emitted SPM, but the bigger problem lies with older diesel engines as they not have filters to filter such particles Hydrocarbon contain harmful chemicals which causes cancer. Petrol engines emit higher levels of HC than diesel Nitrous oxide combines with the lowest level of the ozone layer to form smog. New diesel engines produce a higher amount of NOx than new petrol engines, but petrol-powered cars produce more NO2 as time goes by. Nitous oxides are more dangerous than all the others.
  2. Hi all. What are your opinion on the effect of the above topic in Indian car scenario. Are others better than VW in this topic. Do any one have a comparison sheet. With Regards
  3. You have got a real passion for this art. hats up.
  4. Hi Tejas. I am copying and pasting your line The main let down of Fiat Cars is that Fiat failed to gain customer's confidence in-terms of reliable after sales support How can they survive if excellent AS&S is not given. For any product in India, I feel it is like a cattle movement, rest of the cattle follows the one in front of it. And it have an important reason; some what practicality. I remember one ad, like " for some a car is only a car, but for some it is like a marriage". The pricing of Fiat cars are comparatively very good. It seems that the dealers are not gaining much from the company, and hence the dealers are not providing good support to the customers. In some cities it may have improved and I don't know where it has. My think-out is that compact sedan concept has damaged the market and hiked the price of not-so-luxurious sedans, and other premium hatches could not be sold in such a lower price.
  5. There are several types of security cameras available in the market. How can we use this in our car for security purpose, with night vision and programmable recording. If anyone aware of such system kindly reply. with regards Hari
  6. I bought online com-paint complete touch-up solution for the scratches. But did not apply yet. Have anyone tried this before. Any pros and cons of this touch-up.
  7. 1. The service network depends on the city where the dealer is. eg. In Mumbai, it is very good for VW and Skoda. 2. The parts are a little expensive, and sure they have to consider it. 3. The company should have much hold on dealers, to improve reputation. Only the one who make or break a company, is the dealers and their workshops. (As in the case of FIAT). If a dealer do properly with the customer, the marketing of the company starts from there.
  8. Dear Moderators When searched for autocar forum in google and clicked on the link,, browser is brought to some different site. Please take note. Also please move this post to appropriate topic,
  9. Moderators please check this. When we click on autocar forum link from google it is leading to some other site.
  10. Dear All Thanks to my friends for their suggestions to select a new sedan ~ 10L. I am courteous to them. It is along time back but could not thank and post photos due to a fairly busy schedule with frequent travels. Now some one scratched my new Skoda Rapid brilliant silver from toe to bottom using some sharp object. Though I stay in a secure colony, no body spotted the miscreants As the paint quality was so good they were not able to do much harm. But one of the scratch is a little deep and I need your suggestions for a repair kit. the scratches are around 3 mm wide and in full length of the car. Please post any complete spray kit details. Also is there any camera that we can install in the car with a fair recording quality day and night and with sufficient storage With Regards
  11. OK , Then Option is with Linea. If you were a pre owner of palio, I assure you that only few cars will entertain you while taking a test drive. 170 mm for sedan is also a little low, but one has to cope with. Why not new punto ?.
  12. Ok why do you require exactly 170 mm GC. Once you know your car then this GC depends on your driving. Our gutters are not so even. If you need a better car within 10 L and diesel, I would opt you Fiat Linea and Skoda Rapid. Better value for money, comfort, riding and handling Fuel efficiency, etc. You may get even airbags too. Honda Amaze is also a good option if you can like or adjust with the exteriors as well as features. Best of luck
  13. Fiat Linea MJD dynamic, Skoda Rapid TD Ambition Plus. This is the right time to bargain. Linea has the best fetures, cabin space for driver as well as the passenger. AS&S depends on which city you reside. In polo, I felt the driver cabin space is not adequate, even for a 5.4 feets tall guy. Honda Amaze is also suggestable but its Ext and Int design is so boring, and lacks many features. Other than Maruti and Honda FE of petol cars are poor
  14. Hi, Welcome here. Add some photos with you and your LA Sovereign Spark SP Black Edition. Your language is much mature than your age. keep-it-up.
  15. Dear All What all things are to be checked While purchasing especially Skoda Rapid, while comparing with others. Haridas
  16. Thank You Kushal for the reply. I have booked Rapid Ambition Plus last Saturday. Thanking again for the suggestions and your posts Wishing You A Happy New Year Haridas
  17. I suggest you Punto Evo MJD 90 bhp for both, the best hatch back, for a middle segment customer . For Long drives, if you have to take luggage, you may consider Fiat Linea, for you will be realxed with much leg space while you drive and also for the rear passengers ( in both Punto and Linea.. and there is no comparisons in this segment). There is no competetors in this segment in a balance of FE; Space; Performance; and cost. And your left leg will not touch the dash board extensions,(within a lower budget). But 25 L is a super budget, I suggest to consider your safety requirements rather than interiors. So research on the Luxury ones. plse post your view
  18. srijan_s. To optimize your search I will suggest these points Is this budget for the car is the on the road price and check the on the road price in your city. What are your requirements of the vehicle. Like safety, luxury and features, Fuel efficiency, running cost and power, after sales and service., Handling and driving pleasure, seating capacity. Often you will be required to compromise here and there and so set the priority/points for all these. After this calculation you make come up with only few of them. Then you post for suggestions in the forum.
  19. You are right, .I got a TD of Scala today Scala has this option for limited colors. Any how this is a challenging offer from Renault. The car is fine in this budget, with very good safety, handling and FE. Some how I felt that this car lagged in that sophisticated drive, that I liked in Ford Classic, Fiat Punto and Rapid. With such a great offer I could not resist. Also the interiors are not so appealing as any of the Maruti products... The Clutch and gear which I disliked both along the high diameter steering. They have the ratios. For city drive and high ways it will follow you. But for curvy roads I felt you have to be within 40 km/h. And this is a good car in this variant. Maze and Zire can't compete this in Space, Safety, Looks and Elegance.
  20. Hi Arjun, With a neutral thinking,when I saw the cost of maintenance of VW, certainly I felt that VW is beyond clever and living on their hosts.
  21. That is very good FE from such a solid built car. Ford should encourage customers to buy this car. Thank you Neeraj
  22. Hi rssh : How about the safety comparison of Amaze, Dzire and Zest and including Ford Classic as it also comes in to the budget range of 8 lakhs. ( reduced budget). I am assuming that the ABS and Airbags will work reliably Compare with the following options and In both options seat belts are used Option 1 . All these models have ABS and twin Airbags Option 2. All these models without ABS and Airbags everybody please post the opinions
  23. Librankur what's shootout . did you mean television. Please post the link. I am also considering Ford Classic, but ABS comes in the top end only. Frankly I did not much like the looks and space in both Dzire and Amaze but within the budget, these are the only two that could be approached for. Safety is one of the top priority for me, I don't know the built quality of Amaze. Please help
  24. I had a test drive of Swift Desire VDI today. I think it is a good decision to go forward with VDI as it has ABS whereas VXI don't have ABS. The price difference between these two models will account for this added feature and fuel economy. And I believe diesel model will get a good resale value also. I am waiting for the test drive of Amaze, which is scheduled tomorrow. now my comparison is restricted with Dzire and Amaze. Many says that the maintenance cost of VW Polo is high which I am not sure about. I got a look at Cias. Oh she is so beautiful.. But cannot go for it due to budget restrictions I had a test drive of Diesel Figo. It is also quite impressive, but steering I did not like as it is a little resistive I request your suggestions please., to decide with to bring a car to my family, during this festival season